The Dos and Don’ts of Office Romance

The Dos and Don’ts of Office Romance

Get ready for #ValentinesDay with our guide to office romance

So you like a colleague and you’re thinking of declaring your interest with a #Valentine’s Day invite for a drink or a dinner date. But is that the wisest course of action? If you do take the plunge, what next?  Perhaps our tips for #officeromance might help to get their heart beating.

Do remember the KISS rule

Or keep it simple, stupid (you know what I mean). You may be in danger of frightening off your intended with grand gestures and swooning, especially if you’re working in an open plan office. Being discreet and laid back can make you more intriguing and desirable. So find a subtle way of getting their attention. And then sweep them off their feet.

Don’t mistake friendliness for interest

All your friends are getting married and having families, yet you’re still looking for that special person. In that kind of situation your mind can get muddled and you might mistake someone being nice for someone interested in being naughty.  But if you read those signals wrong, everyone can end up embarrassed.  Make sure there’s a chance of reciprocation before asking a colleague out.

Do smart, not seductive

You’re looking smart today.  Any reason?’ ‘Oh yes, I’m trying to look more attractive.  I fancy someone in marketing’.    If you want to win someone’s attention, do it on the strength of your personality.  Altering the way you dress to impress might be fine for an interview, but in an office it’ll draw attention from everyone, not just your pash.

Don’t bring ‘aggro’ into the office

All couples argue, but not all couples have the chance to continue the argy bargy at work.  Resolving conflict in the office is difficult enough for line managers – and awkward for anyone that’s around when it happens – but it becomes even more of a problem when the argument is personal.  So don’t go to bed angry and try not to bring your relationship issues into the office.

Do be careful about who you date

Your workplace should be a meritocracy – the more talented you are and the more you contribute, the faster you climb through the company.  If a boss or a line manager has a relationship with one of their employees, that might call any promotion or praise into question and make other staff unsure and unhappy.

Do keep socialising with other people in the office

Just because you’re going out with a colleague doesn’t mean you have to ignore your other workmates.  Make a point of continuing to socialise with other folks in the office; you’ll strengthen those friendships and have more to talk about with your partner when you get home.

And finally…

If you’re being pursued by someone you’re not interested in, just ask them to marry you right away.  With a bit of luck this will be enough to scare them off.  (Unless it backfires.  And they say yes.)

What’s your experience of romance in the office?   Was your Valentine story full of hugs and hearts, or was Cupid’s arrow a weapon of war?  After all, love is a battlefield.

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