Top 5 Romantic – and Moneywise – Valentine’s Day Dates

Top 5 Romantic – and Moneywise – Valentine’s Day Dates

Valentine’s Day is all about making your loved one feel special. You could say money’s no object, but it’s also possible to have a romantic day without splashing the cash.  It’s your thought and attention that will make them love you even more.

We’ve some suggestions for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day at very little expense. This year it falls on a Sunday, so you have the added luxury – at no cost – of spending the whole day together

A museum and a themed meal

If you’re in the city, why not visit a museum or art gallery?   Many simply have a ‘suggested donation’ for an entry fee. If you know what exhibitions are on, you could even organise a themed picnic, so if it’s Japanese art you could try to hand-make sushi. Or if it’s renaissance Italian, you could try your hand at home made pasta and tomato sauce (but go easy on the garlic). Add a candelabra or two to create the Old Masters’ atmosphere.

Take a magical mystery tour

On the bus, but not the kind of touristjaunt that you get in big cities. Instead get on a local bus that goes to an area you aren’t familiar with.   Turn on your smartphones and at major stops, look up the history of the area you’re travelling in.  If you spot a café or an eatery that looks nice, hop off and go inside.  They’re certain to have a Valentine’s Day offer, plus it could be a new hangout that you discover together.

Find some drama

Did you know that there are teeny, tiny independent theatres all over the country?  Sometimes they’re part of a larger theatre, or they may even be in the back of a pub or set-up just for an evening. These are small, intimate venues and you’ll feel part of the action. Scan your local listings to see what’s on and maybe you’ll find something that chimes with your significant other – some comedy or burlesque for example. Go for a lovely meal afterwards.

Have a long snooze

This is your opportunity to spend the entire day in bed together.  (Well, your partner can.)  Your job is to make a delicious breakfast in the morning and have meals ready throughout the day.   Get an icebox and fill it with ice cream and drinks to have next to the bed.  See if you can rent some soppy movies and use your smartphone as a projector for your very own bedsheet-cinema.

Build a love nest….

Seriously, because this is the day that birds traditionally find a mate for the breeding season. So what better than for the two of you to build a nest box for romantic birds?  If neither of you has a garden you could always join a wildlife or birdwatching group for the day. Then it’s home, to take off the wellies for a well-earned dinner, a few glasses of wine and the glow of satisfaction of giving those lovebirds a hand.

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