Startup office supplies essentials

Startup office supplies essentials

If you’re a startup business or owner of a startup this blog is for you. Employees love a well stocked stationery cupboard, mostly to steal office supplies from it, but don’t worry – we have the essential hit list of supplies you should have for your new business to keep things functioning but not be overwhelmed by a lot of office supplies stock in what could be your first office or a home office.

Plus, with next day delivery from Euroffice, you’ve no need to keep a huge stock anyway.

Folders and suspension files:

As a new business, you’ll have some important contracts and documents to file. A certificate of company registration, contracts for your office lease and contracts for employees if you have them, so folders to store all these documents safely will be part of your essential office supplies list. Suspension files are great too. These will help things tidy and organised, super important for a busy and fast paced startup.

Pens and Pencils:

While we’re all used to startups being technology focused, you’ll still need to sign the aforementioned documents and there’s nothing better than writing your notes on pen and paper. Plus your new team may still enjoy the traditional feeling of writing on paper.

A4 copier paper:

Although many offices are attempting to go paperless, we’re not quite there yet and some documents need to be printed (if only to save your eyes from screen damage.) So stock up on a few reams of A4 copier paper and all your printing needs will be sorted.

A4 copier paper

A4 Copier Paper


If you need to send any letters or paperwork out in the post, you’ll need a small stock of envelopes for this. As we say, not too many as you can always order more on next day delivery when you need them, but a good batch when you first startup is definitely a good item to have in your office supplies cupboard.


For startups, these are the bare essentials of office supplies you need to get you up and running and functioning like a well-established business. And for everything else, there’s next day delivery Euroffice.

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