Top 7 most stolen office supplies products

Top 7 most stolen office supplies products

For a stationery addict on a budget, the office supplies cupboard or stationery cupboard is often a treasure trove of beautiful notepads, pens, highlights and more. Any addict will tell you how nice it is to start a fresh new notebook, and how neat that first page is. It’s a wonderful thing.

So much so, that many want to recreate this feeling at home, but they don’t want to pay for the privilege. Instead, choosing to steal supplies from the office stationery cupboard. Naughty.

We’re counting down the 10 most stolen products the wonderful office products cupboard.

  1. Post it notes

Post-it notes are one of the most stolen items from the office cupboards. Why? Well, they easy to pinch and tuck away into a pocket or bag, no one will miss it if it’s gone and they’re so useful.

It’s like you think you won’t need a pack of 5 so you opt to steal just one from the stationery at work and use it at home instead for your shopping list or note for the kids and partner at home when you’re dashing out of the house before they’re up.

If you have one in your house right now, it’s most likely to have come from the office.

Post-it Notes

Post-it Notes

  1. Toilet Paper

An odd one, we know, but this is one of the most stolen items from the office. Whilst you’d never want to have that horrid moment of having gone to the toilet and find there’s no paper, if you keep stealing it from work, it’s more likely to happen. And that’ll be toilet karma coming to bite back at you if you’ve ever stolen a roll or two.

For many, the temptation of a plush roll from the office compared to a scratchy one they might use at home is just too much and there it goes, into the handbag or backpack just as you finish work for the day. Very cheeky (sorry couldn’t resist the pun.)

Andrex Toilet paper

Andrex toilet paper

  1. A4 Copier Paper

Although a ream of A4 copier paper is quite heavy to lug home, many people do it. Perhaps to use it for their home printer, perhaps to make confetti instead of buying wedding stationery, who knows.

A4 copier paper

A4 Copier Paper

  1. Scissors

Have you ever bought a pair scissors in your life? Doubt it. We’re pretty sure that the scissor shortage in most offices is due to the fact that so many end up in the homes of the employees who work in them.

Office Scissors


  1. Notepads

Much like the post-it now, the notepad is also a piece of writing stationery we love to pinch from the office supplies cupboard. If your office manager is like ours and orders the best notepads for the office, you’ll for sure be tempted to take one home for your personal use. As we said, what is more pleasurable in life for a stationery addict than starting a fresh notebook for all your wonderful ideas. Or for it to sit empty on a shelf awaiting a gust of inspiration to come so it can be filled up from front to back.

Black N Red notepad

Black N Red Notepad

  1. Highlighters and pens

In the modern age, it’s pretty unlikely you even do that much writing, and therefore that much highlighting of your written words that you would even need to steal pens and highlighters from the office, yet they go missing so quickly from the office cupboard it’s crazy.

Stabilo Boss Highlighters


With Euroffice, because you can order on next day delivery, it’s super easy to fill the office supplies cupboard with just the essentials and order the rest on a request by request basis. That’s what we do and it works perfectly. Less stationery goes missing, individuals can have the things they like to use and their preferred choice of pens and there are less items stolen as a result. Not that anyone of us would dream of doing such a thing.

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