10 Ways to Get Your Kids Writing

10 Ways to Get Your Kids Writing

National Stationery Week is a celebration of the written word and all things stationery. In an age of technology where our phones, tablets or laptops are never far from reach it has become all too easy to send a text or email and putting pen to paper can seem like too much effort! That’s why National Stationery Week is encouraging everyone, especially children to step away from the technology, pick up a pen and #GetBritainWriting!

We’ve come up with a list of 10 ways to inspire your kids to get writing for both primary and secondary school age. Don’t be shy to get involved too.

Primary School Age

Achievements lists

Ask your child to write a list of everything they have achieved that day, whether it’s learning a new skill in PE, making a new friend, trying a new food or learning a new spelling. This helps both you and your child to focus on the positives. #ProudParent

Writing Birthday Cards

Getting your kids to write birthday cards for their friends and family is a great way to get your kids involved. Letting them writing their own message can instil confidence and is more personal. Try to leave them to it but make sure to be on hand if they need a little help.

Writing Party Invitations

This can be a really fun activity and will get your kids excited about their upcoming party. And if they’re not confident writers, the excitement can distract them from the ‘chore’ of writing.

Writing a letter to a pet or favourite toy

This is a great one to boost confidence in your kids. Writing to a pet or favourite toy takes away the element of testing that they feel from school or homework. They can write what they want whether how they’re feeling, achievements, a to-do list or explaining what they did that day.

Chalk Boards

Lots of kids have signs, stickers, photos and tickets on their bedroom doors. Consider buying a small hanging chalk board or white board which they can write on every day. It can be anything from countdowns to birthdays or events, wish lists, chores – whatever encourages them to write.

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Secondary School Age

Sometimes it can be hard to get teenagers away from technology. So why not use technology to encourage writing. Suggest to your teens to film a video and ask them to write a script. Doing something they’re interested is more likely to get them involved.

Writing lyrics

Most teens are in to their music and bands, so suggest they write their own lyrics to a song. Writing lyrics is a good way of talking about feelings and emotions without having the nervousness of speaking to someone.

Holiday Wish list

This one can be for the whole family – not just your kids. Coordinating family holidays can be really hard! But getting everyone involved means everyone has a say. Writing a holiday wish list and a reason can help make the decision a little easier.

Write a letter to future self

Planning ahead and knowing what you want to do in life can be quite difficult for any age. Writing a letter to your future self can help you plan goals in both your personal and career lives. You could also write a bio of what’s going on in your life at the time so when you come to read the letter it can help you remember all the little things that often get forgotten.

Bucket List

With everyone posting their lives on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we get to see all the fun things that everyone else is up to. Suggest to your kids that they write a bucket list so you can both see what their aspirations are in life. You could get involved too and maybe help tick a few off the list!

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