Top Ten Office Chairs

Top Ten Office Chairs

Bring some colour and cool to your office with this wonderful mix of Office Chairs, from the seriously stylish to the subtly sombre.

For too long office chairs have been all about the average, the plain, the boring and respectable.  While there’s still a place for an understated seat, we’ve come up with a list of chairs that challenges preconceptions about office #furniture (but we’ve kept a couple of simple models in there too, for the more reserved amongst you).

Roxbury Task Operator Chair with Airmesh 


Perfect for keeping your back cool on a sweltering day, this Roxbury chair has a springy and supple airmesh back, so you get the support you need without sacrificing comfort.   Its matt-black looks are set off with silver accents, giving it a hint of futuristic luxury.

Cavendish Task Operators Chair 


A Cavendish is a perfect chair for people that like to lean back in the office, thanks to its enormous contoured-foam back and adjustable arms. Its sculpted design means you’ll always feel comfortable and supported and you can even adjust how much lumbar support you desire, thanks to a novel pump mechanism.

Boston Deluxe Task Operator Chair


The Boston chair seems like it’s been plucked from a 1930s roadster, thanks to a luxurious soft bonded-leather construction and timeless design.  With this elegance also comes comfort, as you’ll be able to sink into its thick padded foam, ready for a day at the office.

Erie Visitor Cantilever Chair 


This simple Erie chair is ideal for #boardrooms and receptions where you need plenty of seating, but don’t want anything too big or ostentatious.  It seems to float in mid-air thanks to the chrome cantilever frame and, handily, can be stacked for easy storage.

Cavendish Plus Ergo Posture


The Cavendish Plus Ergo posture chair looks like a product of nature, like a stone worn smooth by time, leaving a chair that’s all curves and comfort.  With multi-position arm pads, it’s a chair that’s hugely adjustable, so you can make it conform to your every wish.

Vermont Executive Chair Black 


This Vermont chair has a design that’s strictly business, with a backrest that tapers from wide to narrow, complete with an adjustable lumbar support.  If you feel as though you’ve got the expectations of a company on your shoulders, this chair could help you support that weight.

Frisco Task Operator Chair White 


This Frisco chair is unutterably elegant.  It has a flexible back that looks like it’s been inspired by ships’ sails and spaceships, and a large cushioned seat so its looks are complemented with comfort.  Truly, it belongs on the set of a science fiction movie rather than an office floor.

Bloomsburg Visitor Chair 


This Bloomsburg visitor chair is ideal for a busy reception area or group functions. It’s low-key and lightweight, with hint of stylishness to show that you care about how your office looks, but you’re not putting function above form.  It’s also #stackable, so you can hide the chairs away or bring more out when needed.

ISO Visitor Chair Blue 


The ISO Visitor chair is the model you want if you need a lot of seating and you’re looking for a chair that gets the job done, without needing to make a fashion statement.   This model is ideal for people running conferences or very large meetings, especially since you can stack up to 12 of them together.

Dover Task Operator Chair 

Another chair with an airmesh back for your comfort.  This Dover model is eyecatching in black and red, but also comes in six other colours, so you can really give your office a kickstart in creativity, choosing a design to match your mood.   Who said the average office chair had to be boring?




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