Office Feng Shui

Office Feng Shui

Welcome back to the office! If you’re anything like us, you are feeling rested and refreshed after the Christmas and New Year break. Hopefully, your batteries are recharged and ready to kick-off the new year, with your new 2017 diary open and to do list ready to be ticked off! But how can you maintain that feeling throughout the year? How can you prevent your current enthusiastic mood from fizzling out by the end of the week?

Feng Shui, that’s how.

When you find yourself spending more time in the office, but feeling drained of energy, it’s time to get some Feng Shui in your life. Feng Shui is the ancient art of improving your flow of chi to bring wealth, healthy and happiness into your life.

You can make simple adjustment to your desk space to improve your energy balance or if you have free range to decorate your office how to wish and move furniture around – then you can and it will bring the maximum benefit to you.

We hope you enjoy this infographic on our suggestions and tips on re-arranging your desk to make it more Feng Shui friendly or taking it one step further and embracing the office Feng Shui way! Enjoy.

Office Feng Shui


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