Top 10 Coolest Offices In The UK

Top 10 Coolest Offices In The UK

Here are some of the coolest offices in the UK. Would you be happy working in them?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned while researching these offices, it’s that #OfficeArt is important.Whether you’ve got paintings, funky wallpaper or eclectic furniture, you need to have a clear design vision and an eye for detail if you’re going to have a cool office.

Without further ado…

1. Red Bull

Cafe? Check. Company bar? Check. Polished ramps and surfaces that look like a skate park? Check. An adult-sized slide to go from one floor to another so you don’t have to bother with the stairs? Check. (I bet they also have a really well-stocked office fridge.)

2. Mind Candy

The gaming company that invented #MoshiMonsters has offices that look like a cross between Beatrix Potter, Super Mario and The Prisoner. Cartoon monsters on walls, fake grass floors, tumbling flowers and a ‘treehouse’ are paired with gentlemen’s’ club chairs and sofas.

3. Innocent Drinks

Astroturf floor, ping pong and picnic tables, colourful bunting, a tucked-away library, and a ‘fresh air’ alarm that comes on when the office is too stuffy and the windows need opening. A great example of a company with a uniquely British sensibility.

4. Mother London

I’ve actually been to this advertising agency’s office. It’s colourful of course and, when I went, it had a large reception area which was part-industrial, part-faded swinging 60s. But its defining feature is an enormous – and I mean enormous – concrete desk that employees share.

5. Splunk

An American ‘real-time data’ company, its office next to Paddington station in London has Banksy-style graffiti (including one of Isambard Kingdrom Brunel), exposed brick walls for an industrial feel and, best of all, a meeting room in the shape of a train carriage. Toot toot!

6. Melbourne Hosting

This Mancunian Web hosting company has offices that are modern and simple… apart from the bits that seem to have escaped from 70s television. It’s all flock wallpaper, comfy chairs and fake fireplaces. Actually, this is the only office I can think of that’s personified in a soundtrack.

7. Engine

A communications group whose offices look like something out of Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. It’s all minimalist, white ceilings and floors with mirrored silver pillars and splashes of pastel colours from cubist sofas. Very striking and, yes, a wee bit imposing too.

8. YouTube

We’re only looking at a very specific part of YouTube’s office. Of course it’s quirky and fun because it’s Google, but the bit in question is a corner designed to look like Del Boy’s flat in Only Fools and Horses. #Lovelyjubbly!

9. Ticketmaster

Like Red Bull, Ticketmaster’s offices have a slide, but they’re a bit more fun overall. They’ve got a model biplane – the Red Baron – a jukebox and a meeting area which has minimalist benches, paired with miniature green and red elephants and a forest scene on the wall.

10. Euroffice

Of course, Euroffice had to be in the list (forgive me). But we do have a nice office. It’s very colourful, with Yellow-submarine style drawings of London on meeting room doors, an old-timey glass domed ceiling that lets in loads of light, and there’s even a Vespa in reception that works as a kind of sculpture.

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