May Ray Day – Let’s Go Outside…Or Not

May Ray Day – Let’s Go Outside…Or Not

Today’s the day, it’s #MayRayDay! The sun is shining, everyone’s heading down to the beach and the BBQs are in full swing! Today is the day to get outside and soak up some rays. Except the sun isn’t shining, everyone’s heading inside and the rainy showers are in full swing.

So what do you do on the one day created to get everyone outside and enjoying the sun, when there is no sun?

Not being able to rely on the weather is something we have to contend with in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that staying inside has to be boring. In fact rainy days can be a lot of fun. Take a look at some of our ideas.

We’ve got 5 rainy day activities to do at home and 5 to do in the office.

Home Rainy Day Activities

Take the dog for a walk inside

So the dog needs exercising, and you just don’t fancy going out in the rain and getting soaked, splashed with mud as ‘I’m alright I’m in a car drivers’ drive too close and picking up your dog’s water soaked ‘business’. So why not take your dog for a walk inside? Do a few laps around the house or get them on your treadmill. Set it at a slow pace and away you go! Or you could try hide and seek with your dog’s favourite toy or a treat. A great form of exercise that your dog would enjoy whilst at the same time reinforcing the ‘come’ command.

Play catch

So normally when the sun is shining and it’s hot outside, a fun game is to play catch with a ball or Frisbee. Obviously you can’t do that inside unless you’ve just moved into your house and you haven’t unpacked yet, but you could play catch with the laundry. When it comes out the washing machine throw it to someone else who can hang it up to dry.

Jog on

“The sun is shining, let’s go for a scenic run today!” You say on those rare sunny days. But where do you run when it’s raining? Inside! Pop on Planet Earth and jog on the spot. By the end of your run, you will have ran through woodlands and forests, rainforests and deserts, mountains and caves, oceans and rivers. What an inspiring run! And with David Attenborough’s soothing voice washing over you, the day’s stresses will soon float away.

Camp in the great indoors

Remember those camping school trips or family holidays? You know the ones where they were sold to you with comfy beds, fun activities during the day and roasting marshmallows by a fire at night, but actually turned out to be sleeping on the cold, hard and bumpy ground, playing eye spy in the car while waiting for the rain to stop and that fire? More like half an hour spent poking twigs with a match stick whilst rubbing them together! Well why combine the best both worlds? Create a den in the lounge. Comfy bed? Tick. Get the board games out, the cards, even the xbox, and for an adult party, add in some wine and beer. Fun activities? Tick. And as for the roasted marshmallows, well eating them straight out of the bag is practically the same thing!

Get Active with your Wii

So many of use our Wii’s for the classic Mario Kart or Mario Galaxy whilst the sports games gather dust in the corner after that one use. Why not do something different, get your Wii Sports out and get active! You’ll be surprised how fun it is and good you’ll feel that you did some exercise.

Office rainy day activities

Take a walk

On a sunny May Ray Day, going for walk outside on your lunch break would be a given. But when it’s raining, taking a break and going for a walk around your office is the closest alternative. For those of us that work at computers, we should take a break from the screen every 45 minutes to give our eyes a break from the screen. Kill two birds with one stone. A break from work and a break from screens.

Coffee date

Don’t rain-check (see what we did there?) your coffee date with your colleagues or friends, take advantage of the free tea, coffee and biscuits and make use of the coffee machine. Have your catch up at your desk or canteen.

Team Lunch

For a fun and unique team lunch plan a picnic! Get everyone in the team to make or bring something in. It’s a great talking point and something a bit different.

Team bonding

There are loads of fun team bonding activities ranging from going to the pub, team sports and activity days. Make a dull rainy lunchtime fun with an indoor office team bonding session. A treasure hunt is a sure winner – with a prize for the winning team, you’ll be sure to have the whole team getting involved!

Get Board

Ask your social committee or team members to bring in their unwanted board games to work. They’re always good fun and would be a great for those rainy day lunch times.

The sun may not be shining but you can still have fun at home or at work!

Let us know what you plan to do. We’ll be hunting for treasure whilst having a picnic, taking the dog for a walk and then camping overnight in the office.


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