Spooky Valentine at Euroffice

Spooky Valentine at Euroffice

Spooky Valentines movie night – Friday 13th Feb

Join us, it will be a scream

The office worker tossed her movie night invitation in the bin and headed towards the door. She’d waited long enough, it was obvious he was having second thoughts. When he asked her to accompany him to tonight’s film night she knew she should have played it cool. Instead she got embarrassingly giddy and had foolishly accepted straight away, completely forgetting to pretend to check her diary. He hadn’t even left the room before she’d let out that stupid squeal. She’d been cringing about that all day. He was late, he must have realised what a loser she was and run a mile.

They’d been having lunch together for the past couple of weeks. It was the highlight of her day – literally. She now had 13 neon stickers in her diary. One for each time she’d had lunch with the IT guy, chatting, gazing into those big brown eyes, chatting, those eyes….

As she passed the receptionists desk she decided to leave a note should he turn eventually up. She scribbled ‘waited – got bored – went home’ on a post it note and rung the bell on the desk.

Ting ting….. ting…. TING TING TING …. “Hello?”

She was starting to lose her patience now. “Helloooooo, anybody there?”

“Fine” she slammed the post it on the desk and yelped with pain, cursing the person who had so carelessly left a drawing pin lying around and cursing herself for not pulling a sickie this morning. Friday 13th, 13 neon lunch date stickers, being stood up and now this.

Only then did she notice the mess…..

The desk tidy was on its side, the entire contents spilled across the desk. Pens, paperclips, drawing pins … everywhere. Every drawer was wide open and the phone was off the hook.

What’s that on the floor?

The office worker walked round to take a closer look and froze. It was a footprint. A bloody footprint.

The store room door flung open and the receptionist, clutching a pair of blood stained scissors burst through it, startling when she saw the pale faced office girl standing there with her mouth wide open, ready to scream.

There was a clattering in the cupboard and a groan. Both heads turned towards the door. The office worker strained her neck to see inside and saw a figure hunched in the corner, pressing something against his chest, blood everywhere, looking frightened and in pain. It was him. It was her IT guy.

Oh please no she screamed and ran. She had to get help.

“No wait, come back” the receptionist called chasing after her, scissors waving wildly in the air. “I can explain”

But the office girl wasn’t going to hang around and become the next victim. She ran for her life, heart pounding, heels echoing through the corridor.

The receptionist was gaining on her. Her survival instincts kicked in.

Make noise. Scream. Shout for help. Draw attention.

Doors opened, people flooded the corridor, concerned colleagues crowded round, trying to calm the hysterical office worker and find out what had happened.

“IT guy … hurt …. Receptionist… scissors…” was all she could manage before passing out with shock.


As the office worker came round the first thing she saw were his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes, full of concern and then amusement… was he laughing? What’s going on?

“I thought you were…. are you ok? What happened?” She looked around, everyone was smiling, relieved she was ok but then smiling.

“I’m so sorry for scaring you” he laughed, helping her up.

“Me too” The receptionist grinned, holding up her hands to show they were now scissorless.

“I wanted to surprise you with a Valentines card. I borrowed the receptionists red fountain pen. It writes so nicely and makes my handwriting so much neater. I didn’t want you to think badly of my terrible handwriting” he explained

“But he was so nervous he dropped the pen” the receptionist added. “The ink went everywhere, all over the floor, all over his lovely handwriting and his new shirt. He panicked when he saw you coming and hid in the store room”

“But the scissors… I thought….”

“The ink got on those too” the IT guy looked embarrassed. “I wanted to wrap your present but I can’t wrap for toffee”

“So I was wrapping them for him when I heard you yelp and came to see if you were ok”

The IT guy held out the half wrapped chocolates and the inky card.

The office worker opened the card. In between the ink splatters and red fingerprints she could just make out the words…

Will you be my Valentine?

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