Dear Euroffice Diary

Dear Euroffice Diary


Actually, I’m not really stuck in the office anymore.

My staycation at Euroffice UK finished some days ago. I am in Milan now, writing from the Italian branch of Euroffice.

I stayed in London for one month, working at Euroffice, gaining experience and picking up new skills. It was a great time!
I joined the WUX team (that’s Web User Experience 🙂 during my “holiday”. It was not a real staycation (I was in London so YEAH this is a holiday to me), but I was ‘stuck in the office’ during August and September.)

Office life is cool. It’s so different from school, and with the hands on experience you learn a lot of things very very very quickly.

I used to have a tea in one of our lovely mugs at this time some days ago.
If you are wondering what my day at work was like, it was something like this:
I lived in a wonderful terraced house in Dalston. Perfect to get to Liverpool Street in less than 20 minutes.
It was always a rush to get there on time, even if it was just 20 minutes 😉
I used to have a tea in a ‘Euroffice Essentials’ mug (which I’m missing a lot) and then I started working.
To be honest, I’d asked everyone what I could do and just then get to it.

I’m sorry for having asked so many question every day but everyone was always happy to help.

I loved to spend my lunch break at Spitalfields market. It’s a great place and I’m missing the ‘white goat‘ in Bishops Square a lot now.
I miss so many things of London.

I think that my top five is:

  • Markets (Spitalfields has to be the top)
  • Cupcakes
  • Brick lane
  • The Big Ben by night
  • The skyscrapers (I love the Shard! 🙂
  • london big ben by night







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