Which Office Animal Are You?

Which Office Animal Are You?

When you walk through the office doors in the morning, what do you hear? A raucous roar, a cunning hiss or a loud tweet-twoo? You’ll discover all walks of life in the work place. Ever heard the expression she’s a shark in the boardroom? Or watch out for him he’s a snake in the grass? This got us thinking – there must be a bit of animal in all of us. So what animal traits do you have?


Respected and admired by all, the office tiger is charming, fearless and makes for a strong leader. Whilst they can be self- serving they do stand up for what they believe in, so if you get them on side they’ll fight for your cause. Like the extra lunch hour during the summer months that you’ve been campaigning for? Go to your office tiger – they’ll be sure to jump on and get it past the higher ranks.

These leaders are the type that can be pretty generous when it comes to giving. Their magnetics draw pulls everyone in making staff want to work for them, succeed and meet deadlines.

Tigers don’t struggle when it comes to love, so if you’re the romantic type – be warned you might fall easily!


Sharks thrive on power and authority. They are highly driven to achieve, succeed and lead. They are the epitome of power, control, confidence and money. Failure is not an option, so if you’ve got a hundred and one deadlines for the same day, be sure to meet the shark’s, otherwise feel the wrath of their sharp shark teeth!

Being task orientated, they are focused on the end game – to achieve their goal. So if you want your project to be signed off, then go forth to your office shark!

Sharks tend to have a minimalistic office space – seek, stylish and clutter free. Be sure not to litter in the work space!


The office monkey is playful, very social and known for their clever and creative minds. Marketeers fall nicely into the monkey personality category. Thriving on attention, they are open about their feelings. So don’t be too disheartened if they’re a little too open when it comes to work. On the plus side, when they say they “love it”, they really do mean it.

Honey Bees

The Honey Bees amongst us are hardworkers, working away in the background and tending to all the mechanics of the business. So what office worker is the honey bee you ask? It’s the accounts team. Working in well organised colonies, or should I say offices, they honey bees work hard for the queen bee . . . HMRC. When the queen bee lays down the law, accountants UK wide abide! Whether it’s allocating food reserves, I mean cash flow, or organising the colony, well receipts and the like.

Honey bees are defensive of intruders, guarding the entrance of their nests or finance books. And the famous honey bee dance? That’s how they communicate to one another, it translates to I’ve finished the month’s ledger!


What animal characteristics do customer service have, I hear you ask? The pigeon! Pigeons are highly intelligent birds, being able to differentiate between humans. And differentiating between customers and their needs is the essence of your customer service agent.

During both the First and Second World Wars, carrier pigeons were used to send important messages between bases and the frontline. It was a dangerous job with opposition soldiers attempting to shoot the pigeons down. And for those customer service agents passing on a message that the customer doesn’t want to hear? Well that can be dangerous too!

So what office animal are you? We’d love to hear – let us know in the comments below.


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