Colour In The Office

Colour In The Office

The sudden appearance of the sun last week got us quite excited here at Euroffice.  It got us thinking about how we could brighten things up in the office, after all they do say variety is the spice of life.

So we’ve been thinking about colour schemes and what would work well for everyone. And that’s no mean feat when the average human can see one million different shades of colour!

Did you know that colours can affect our mood and productivity?

Nope, neither did we. So we thought we’d share our findings in case you’re facing the same predicament of which colour to choose when deciding on a colour scheme. Warm colours which range from red through to yellow in the colour spectrum are generally considered to be inviting and attention-grabbing – great for receptions and social areas including common rooms, kitchens and lunch rooms.

Warm colours can appear as though they are closer than in reality, so if you have a large unwelcoming room, perhaps opt for a bright red or orange. It will make the room feel warmer and cosier. But be warned too much red could be perceived as aggressive, so complement with neutral colours.

On the other hand, cool colours such as blue, green or purple tend to have a soothing effect – ideal for meeting rooms to help remain calm during those heated moments! Choosing your colour scheme in the workplace can be tricky. You don’t want the office to be so calming and relaxing that staff are falling asleep and yet you don’t want it so bright that it’s putting everyone in a bad mood. Instead opt to combine both warm and cool colours to create a balance of a welcoming, inviting and hard-working environment.

Here at Euroffice we’ve got white walls with splashes of our Euroffice red for a relaxed and energetic working environment!

We’d love to hear about your office colour schemes and how it impacts on your daily working life.


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