Top10Tuesday Office Treats

Top10Tuesday Office Treats

Christmas is almost upon us and everyone is gearing up for that frantic Christmas shopping that we all dread, but it’s all worth to see those faces when they open their pressies and tuck into the selection box. In fact we think selection boxes are so great that every workplace should have it’s very own selction cupboard stuffed with #OfficeTreats

Whether you’re celebrating after finishing a tough assignment, treating yourself at lunchtime or relaxing towards the end of the day, today’s #Top10Tuesday is full of sweets and snacks guaranteed to cheer you up and get your taste buds tingling.


1.  Oreo Mini Biscuits

I had an Oreo for the first time just the other day.  Holy cow. Crunchy, creamy and oh so moreish, you’ll need to hire a bouncer to stop yourself pecking at them.

2.  Crawford’s Mini Packs Assorted Biscuits

Everyone has a favourite dunker for their cuppa, but with this assortment you can explore your biscuit boundaries.  For added excitement, put them in a bag and pull one out at random.  What’re you gonna get?

3.  Mentos Mints Individually Wrapped

Mints are a great way to perk up and freshen up at your desk. Popping one in your mouth is a bit like being caught in a refreshing April shower. (But indoors.)

4.  Nestle Kit Kat Chocolate Bars 2 Finger

This classic needs no explanation, but remember proper Kit Kat etiquette – always separate the chocolate along the fingers, not across them.  Or just eat them whole, like I would.

5.  GoAhead Strawberry Yogurt Biscuit Bar

Who was the evil genius that came up with the idea of combining yogurt, biscuit and a fruity filling? I’m not sure, but my taste buds salute you.  They salute you often.

6.  Cadbury Heroes Miniature Chocolates

A little bit of everyone’s favourite in one box. These chocolates remind me of sharing great times with friends and family. An especially good choice for Xmas at the office.

7.  Cadbury Chocolate Break Hot Chocolate Powder

You’ve had a terrible commute, the weather is awful and the office looks grey. But you’ll always be warm inside with hot chocolate. (For extra coziness, put on a chunky jumper.)

8.  Nescafe Original Instant Coffee Granules

If you need a quick pick-me-up, turn to a cup of hot sweet coffee. (And if you fancy an after-work treat, add a dash of whiskey and a dollop of whipped cream to make it an Irish.)

9.  Robinsons Special R Orange Squash

A time machine in a glass, orange squash will take you back to sunny days at school – a land before deadlines and line managers.  (Now I want to bring my Star Wars lunchbox to the office.)

10.  Twinings Tea Bags Earl Grey

When you need a bit of ‘me’ at work, plug in your headphones, put on some soothing music, tune out your colleagues and sip an aromatic cup of tea. Bliss.


Those are some of our selection box office treats, but what are yours? What will you choose?

If you are feeling Christmassy then have a peek at these:


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