England Vs Wales Bingo

England Vs Wales Bingo

The social committee here at Euroffice felt that the England Vs Wales games should be fun for all the office, not just those who love football. So they’ve decided to create eleven printable bingo cards so that everyone can get excited about the game.

The cards are filled with all of the funniest, strangest and most clichéd events you might see during the match broadcast, including a shot of fans dressed up as Knights or Daffodils, the numerous gratuitous shots of random attractive females in the crowd, an unwanted shot of a male fan with his belly out and a shot of Gareth Bale fixing his hair. Not forgetting the Shrek masks and the inevitable Mexican Waves.

You can download all of the cards by clicking on a link below the teaser picture.


Download Sheets 1-3 Download Sheets 4-11

The Rules of England Vs Wales Bingo

The appointed bingo caller is sole decision maker in situations where it is unclear whether a box should/should not be crossed.

Winner: First person to get a full house and shout BINGO!
If nobody can get a full house, the winner will be the person closest to a full house.

If you want to turn this into a drinking game you’re on your own.

We’d love for other offices to get involved with this, so feel free to download the bingo cards using the link. You can also embed the image on your own site using this copy and paste code:

450 pixels wide:

955 pixels wide

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