How to Stay Calm During A Crisis

How to Stay Calm During A Crisis

Has something gone wrong at work? Don’t panic. Use these tips to stay calm during a #crisis.

Offices are full of booby traps, things waiting to go wrong at just the wrong time; a deadline brought forward, a project gone awry. While you can’t avoid these pitfalls, you can learn to handle them better.

Here’s how:

1. Break the problem down

A large meal is eaten in small mouthfuls.

 Don’t react to the crisis like it’s one big problem, treat it like a series of little ones. You’ll feel a sense of control returning, and you will be able to tackle the issues more quickly and efficiently.

2. Pause for a moment

If you’re in a meeting and everyone is talking at once to find a solution, try asking for a minute’s silenceThe break will help to take the heat off the situation. Delegate tasks so staff will feel they have a stake in tackling the problem.

3. Remember your maths lessons

If you’re getting in a tizz, one tip I’ve read is to count to one hundred using your three-times table – 3, 6, 9, 12 etc.  The idea is that it will require a little bit of concentration and thus help distract you from the sense of panic.

4. Do it for other people

If you’re in a leadership role, you have to remain centered for your team. A great quote I’ve found is ‘calmness is contagious’. Even if you’re freaking out on the inside, fake being calm on the outside. This will show you’re in charge and inspire your team.

5. Get some sleep

A crisis is something to prepare for.

How? By being well-fed and well-rested. If you’re tired and hungry, you won’t be able to react properly in an emergency, and you’ll find yourself getting even more stressed as a result. Look after yourself and work will look after itself.

How have you coped with stressful situations at work?  Let us know in the comments.  Let’s share the wisdom and make workplaces a little bit calmer.

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