Top 10 Creative Uses For Your Diary

Top 10 Creative Uses For Your Diary

The sudden temperature drop we have felt this week is a reminder that the New Year is fast approaching. 

It’s time to start thinking about replacing your 2014 diaries for the crisp new 2015.

In these weeks of clouds and rain, the year ahead promises brighter days. To make the most of them, use your diary to make your life a little bit easier with these creative tips on how to use your diary.

  1. Your Daily Three
    Keep a note of three good things you’ve experienced that day, even if they’re small or silly.  You’ll not only have a reminder of what you’ve done, but you’ll always have stories to share with friends.
  2. Draw Your Day
    Who said you should only write your diary entries? By drawing them, you’ll have a unique picture of what you’ve achieved. At the end of the year, you’ll see just how far your artistic talents have progressed.
  3. Late-Night Wish Lists
    If you make late night purchases from bed – an #iPad is a dangerous thing – save some money by writing down what you want to buy in your diary instead. When you look at it the next day, you’ll know whether it’s really worth it.
  4. Inspirational Thoughts
    Diaries aren’t just good for sparking memories, they can also help you get through tough times. Whenever you find a quote that inspires you, or perhaps a poem that moves you, write it down. This personal anthology will inspire you for years to come.
  5. Garden Planner
    If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, use your diary to plan the best ways to make it beautiful throughout the year. What do you need to sow and when? You could do the same for window boxes or indoor plants.
  6. Keep Track of Birthdays
    The bigger your circle of friends, the more birthdays you have to remember. By writing them down, you’ll always be on hand with gifts and wishes and, best of all, saying ‘it’s in my diary’ is so much nicer to hear than ‘it’s on my phone‘.
  7. A Flick-Book Adventure
    Remember how much fun it was to draw #flickbooks in school? Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you have to grow up. Use the corner of your diary to draw a daily picture, but don’t let yourself look at the whole thing until the end of the year.
  8. Track Seasonal Sales
    Be a smart shopper by blocking out dates of seasonal sales. So if you’re looking for a new outfit or an expensive item for the home, you can budget to buy them at the right time and price.
  9. Note Problems Solved
    Jot down how you dealt with a glitch – it could be something as simple as fixing a fuse – but this could be the start of a handy checklist. The next time you’re faced with a problem, you’ll know where to look for an answer.
  10. Perchance to Dream
    Keep a dream diary. It’s said that when we sleep, our subconscious works through things in order to help us – you might find a solution to something that’s been troubling you. Remember that you’ve got hidden strengths.

Those are our ideas for some of the best ways to use a diary, but what do you think?  Let us know your thoughts (and dreams) in the comments.


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