Decorate your office for Halloween

Decorate your office for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get into the spooky spirit and bring a fun and frightening atmosphere to your office. Buying new Halloween decorations can be expensive, but making your own with supplies found around the office can be cheap, efficient and enjoyable. The following terrifying tips will help you create the perfect scary office whilst sticking to a budget and utilising your creative flair!

Flying bats

Flying bats

This easy but fun DIY décor needs only four items: a good pair of scissors, tracing paper, a traceable image and black cartridge paper. Print off a bat image from the internet, trace onto black paper a number of times, cut out the images and stick them to walls and doors to give your colleagues a scare! You can also use a hole punch and string to hang the bats from the ceiling.

Amputated hand treats

The is a fun and simple idea that incorporates tasty treats with a fright: fill disposable gloves with small sweets and tie the end with an elastic band or ribbon. Why not splatter red food colouring on the glove to make it look super scary? You can leave these treat-filled horror-hands on desks, or hang them from shelves or from the ceiling.

Create a crime scene

A fake crime scene is one of the most effective Halloween decoration ideas. You can easily design a spooky scene by using tape to outline a body on the floor and crafting small yellow cones with card to mark evidence. Use hazard tape across doors and throughout the office, and splatter fake blood from a costume shop on to old pieces of clothing to emphasise the crime scene theme.

Paper garlands

Gruesome garlands

Paper garlands are simple Halloween decorations that you can easily create yourself. Using string with orange and black card, cut out circles and decorate, then stick to the string and hang on the walls. If you want to be a bit more creative, you could trace various Halloween images such as ghosts, spiders, pumpkins and scary clowns, thread them onto string and hang them from the ceiling.

Decorate your office doors

Get creative with a fun Halloween office door. For a spider web effect use string and few pieces of tape. Create an X with your string, attaching the ends to your door with the tape and then add more criss-cross lines. Once you have the base, you can then start making the web rings. Start the ring with a simple loop knot and take it round each strand until you make a ring. Tie the end with a knot and cut off any remaining string and start the process again, making as many webbed rings as you like.

Treat yourself to new desk accessories

If you want to go all out and turn your desk into a Halloween haven, why not purchase some black and orange desk accessories to go with your spooky decorations? A new orange notebook, desk tidies or a new lever arch file can brighten up your desk space while complimenting the Halloween theme.

Orange Notebook Desk TidiesLever arch file

To include everyone in the office and create even more decorations, you might want to hold a pumpkin carving competition. You can judge the best pumpkins, reward with spooky treats and then display the pumpkins around the office. You could also set up a ‘Best Dressed Desk’ competition, and see who creates the best Halloween decorations in the office.

Here at Euroffice we would love to see your Halloween office decorations! Let us know how spooky and creative your workplace looks by tagging #EurofficeHalloween in your social media snaps.

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