How To Have A Really Good Bonfire Night

How To Have A Really Good Bonfire Night

So you want to have an amazing Bonfire Night? Here’s how.

#BonfireNight is all about fun and spectacle. About light and sound, smell and taste. About conversation and good times.

Here are some tips on how to have a great one.

Be Prepared

Someone gave me a lovely idea: setting up a little safety perimeter using fairy lights. It’s a pretty way of making sure little ones don’t stray to close to the fireworks, and it will make your garden look magical. Of course, you should have a first aid kit to hand, just in case, as well as a bucket of water. (The NHS has some good tips on firework safety.)

Get your Pets Ready

Bonfire Night can be terribly frightening for pets. Make sure they can’t escape and consider them putting them in a room where you can close the curtains and create a comfortable hiding spot, perhaps under a table or bed. You should also make sure they’ve got food and waterYou’ll feel better for them feeling better.

Create a Playlist

Why not create a fireworks and fire themed playlist for the night? Just have it playing in the background to get people in the mood and enhance the atmosphere. There are loads of good songs to choose from – who knows, even your #GuyFawkes dummy could get up and start grooving.

Warm Hands, Warm Heart

If you’re having guests over, make sure you’ve got spare blankets for people in case they get cold. If you’ve got good-natured friends, you can always pop to your local charity shop and buy warm but silly looking clothes for them to wear for a bit of fun. (You can re-donate them back to the shop afterwards; think of the money as a rental fee.)

Feed the Soul and the Stomach

Whether you’re going to an event or having people to your home, set out a real spread. I remember one bonfire night where my parents and their guests toasted #marshmallows on bamboo skewers, cooked up plates of juicy sausages, baked potatoes in tinfoil on the fire and quaffed mulled wine. (Just stock up on soft drinks for designated drivers.)

‚Ä®Charge your Phone and Set off Early

If you’re going to a fireworks event, then set off early. Some of these things can attract hundreds, even thousands, of people and they’ll all be turning up in their cars.  You should also make sure your phone is fully charged and you’ve got plenty of space for photos and videos of friends and family. But please, don’t watch the display through your screen.

Play with Downtime

Fireworks displays can sometimes take a bit of time to set up, so to stop yourselves being bored, why not play some party games? Things like Chinese whispers and charades are really fun, especially if you’re out at a public event.  Having a good time is infectious, and inviting others to play is great way to make new friends.

What are your bonfire night tips? Perhaps you have a wonderful recipe to share or a silly game to keep people amused.  Let us know in the comments.


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