The Best Valentines Doodle Pens

The Best Valentines Doodle Pens

Doodles come in all shapes and sizes, usually when we’re bored. Think back to your school days – did you ever practice your married signature in the back of your maths book? Did you draw love hearts all over your pencil case? Ever been caught passing a love letter across the other side of the classroom?

I like to think I’m grown up now, but I still can’t resist a silly doodle during a meeting. Circles become dogs which become dinosaurs and before I know it I have bullet points wrapped in speech bubbles coming from the mouths of mutant velociraptors. What’s that all about?

With Valentine’s Day approaching fast, my doodles are beginning to take on the theme of love which got me thinking, what are the best Valentines doodle pens?
I don’t mean for doodling whilst on a date – that won’t end well, trust me, I mean during the run up to the big day.


Sharpie Pen Steel Black

Knowing what to write in a Valentines card can be tricky. Your other half will be paying extra special attention to what you have to say so your words have to be perfect.

Why is it that when you’re trying to achieve deep and meaningful, all you can manage is cheese?

Use the Sharpie pen to draw some inspiration doodles. The right words will come when you’re feeling more relaxed and not trying too hard.

Unlike the popular Sharpie markers, the quick drying ink in this pen won’t bleed through the page. So if one page of love hearts, flowers and Camembert (What? You have to get the cheese out of your system somehow!) hasn’t done the trick you can turn over and keep doodling until you find the perfect way to express yourself.


Bic Cristal Fashion Ball Pens

You’ve written the most amazing verse and you’re feeling pleased with yourself. But that was the easy bit. Have you got your loved one a gift yet?

Here’s where the Bic Cristal Fashion ball pens will come in handy.

The pink, purple, lime green and sky blue are cutesy colours, ideal for brainstorming gift ideas. The hexagonal barrel of these pens help with comfort and control so you can sit, writing lists and doodling for as long as it takes you to pick the perfect present.

Will you be playing it safe with perfume, flowers and chocolates for her or aftershave, novelty pants, and computer games for him? If you’ve decided to be more adventurous with your choice of gift this year you could leave the phone book open on the local florist or game shop pages, along with a few chocolate doodles to really throw them off the scent.


Papermate Inkjoy 100

Are you staying in or going out? I know, more decisions!

If you’re planning on going out for a meal there’s a strong chance you will need to pre book a table as restaurants are going to be busy feeding all of those lovebirds.

You could use a set of Papermate Inkjoys for a spot of telephone doodling whilst you ring round, gradually losing your sanity as you plead with fully booked restaurants to squeeze you in.

The Paper Mate Inkjoys offer a good choice of colours, including red, the colour of love hearts, rose petals, a beautiful sunset and lobster. How romantic!

Red is also closely associated with anger so when you notice your telephone doodles start to take on a more menacing appearance as you come to the realisation it might be film menus rather than food menus you’ll be browsing on Valentines night you might be glad of the colour choices. A soothing blue or green may help calm your nerves.

The ink used in a Papermate Ink joy is quick to flow using minimal pressure so when you do find an eatery willing to save you a table you can quickly scribble down all of the necessary information without any added drama before the busy receptionist hangs up and informs the next caller that they are now fully booked. Phew!


Pilot FriXion

Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year which means you have all day to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes (sick buckets available on request).

But first you have to survive Friday. As you well know, Fridays in the office can be tough at the best of times so you’ll probably find yourself more distracted than usual, and what do we all do when we’re distracted? We doodle!

When you snap out of a daydream and realise you’ve been doodling all over those forms you should have filled in over an hour ago, just be thankful it was a FriXion you were holding. Erase the evidence, focus on the task at hand and before you know it, it will be the weekend!

What will you be doing this Valentine’s Day?

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  1. Janine Atkin at 4:30 pm

    Thats a good thing, I’ve been reading up on doodles and squares are supposed to mean you are efficient and deal with situations with minimal fuss 😉 I never do square doodles 🙁

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