Pre-Flight Check List

Pre-Flight Check List


Date: 13.07.15

Location: London

Weather: Gloomy, overcast. Anything but summer

I’m in stationery mode. Working, thinking and writing stationery. But after looking out the window, I find myself drifting off to blue skies, white beaches and turquoise seas. Oh and cocktails. Can’t forget the cocktails.
This time next week I’ll be on a beach, living out today’s daydream.

I’ve made a stab at packing and so far I’ve packed 10 bikinis, a few dresses, sunnies and flip flops. That should be enough, right? Hmmm maybe this time I should be more prepared. This time I will be organised.

I’ll Write A Checklist

First and foremost have I packed enough bikinis?

Ah no! Think straight. First and foremost is the paperwork. Passport and boarding pass.

Note to self: “will have to check in online in order to print off boarding pass”.

Oooh money. I’ll need money for all the cocktails that I plan on consuming during my holiday. Better pop into the post office at lunch and grab my Euros.

Next up, adapters, chargers, plugs – anything electrical. Which I somehow usually end up forgetting. Like the time I forgot my electric nail file. Absolute nightmare!

Must remember to buy the essential medicines. So I can self-medicate when I’m hungover, suffering from heat stroke and having an allergic reaction to the millions of insect bites and stings. And sun cream. Do not want to burn or start aging sooner than life has planned for me to age.

I may not need sugar in my tea because “I’m sweet enough” (excuse me whilst I vomit) but sweets for the flight are a must and you’ll never have to worry about your ears popping again!

What else? Ooh magazines. So I can catch up on all the latest gossip and discover the latest holiday fashion trends. The fact that I’ll already be on holiday is irrelevant really. It’s always good to be in the know.

I reckon that’s all the essentials, well and clothes of course. Let me know if I’ve missed anything. I’ll be off in a week so give me enough warning!






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