Awkward Moments Day

Awkward Moments Day

Its #AwkwardMomentsDay – Hurrah! We all suffer the odd cringe worthy moment now and then but today is not the day to dwell on their awfulness, today is the day to have a good laugh at what nincompoops we can be at times. I bet you can all relate to at least one, if not all of the following awkward moments ….


Who’s got my pen?

The IT guy has arrived to fix your pc. He uses your pen to write down the new passwords and as he saunters down the corridor you spot your Bic Cristal neatly tucked behind his ear. You chase after him and ask for your pen back but he denies taking it. You point out the pen behind his ear but he claims it’s his and tells you he left yours on the desk and walks off but not before giving you that ‘you crazy pen freak’ look. How dare he! You stomp back to the desk to double check and when you realise you’ve been had you explode into a 30 minute rant about how fed up you are with people stealing your pens. A colleague takes pity on you and offers you their pen which you refuse to take because you want YOUR pen back, not some chewed up, almost empty biro that’s been god knows where. Then you spot your pen, poking out from under the keyboard and it dawns on you that you are actually a crazy pen freak!


Whoever smelt it dealt it!

Those egg sandwiches you had for dinner were delicious but when you return to the office that oh so familiar gut ache makes an appearance. You need to let one go but you know it’s going to be a stinker so you do your best to hold it in. The trapped wind is causing you real discomfort now so you need to make a decision, and quick. Should you position yourself right in the middle of a group of people, let off a silent but deadly and then pretend to be just as disgusted as everyone else once they’ve gotten a good whiff? Or is it better to sneak off to a quiet corner, let rip and casually walk away leaving a foul stench behind for some poor unsuspecting work colleague to walk into?


Send … Oh No, No, No, Cancel Send …. Too late …

Most of us have sent an embarrassing text or email to the wrong person at one time or another. What is the point in the cancel button? You can press the thing a hundred times within the space of five seconds but still the dreaded MESSAGE SENT notification pops up. As you watch the entire office open their emails, look up at you and snigger, you can only count to ten and wait ….. You have a new message ….


I know exactly what you mean

We’re all guilty of interrupting during a conversation now and again but is there anything more awkward than finishing someone’s sentence for them and then realising you’ve got it completely wrong? It’s bad enough getting it wrong but when you say the complete opposite of what they were actually trying to say, you risk killing the conversation completely and no amount of digging is going to rescue the situation! Unless you have physic powers it’s probably not a good idea to butt in while someone else is talking 😉


Say What?

Ever have days when you feel like you’ve landed on another planet? Someone turns to you, says something and laughs but you missed it so you ask them to repeat themselves.

“Blah de Blah Blah ha ha ha!”

You still didn’t catch a single word but you know it must have been funny because they’re laughing so you just say Yes and laugh along, praying it was the correct response. But what if you’re being asked a question? You’re going to have to answer eventually and if after two repeats you still haven’t got the foggiest then you have two choices – Wing it and hope for the best or feign illness and make a dash for the nearest exit.


Sound familiar? What’s been your worse awkward moment so far this year? We could do with a good laugh 😉


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