Is your Commute Killing You?

Is your Commute Killing You?

Every day, across the world, a vast number of people get up and drive to work. We know about the environmental impact of driving, but did you know long commutes to work could be negatively affecting your emotional and physical health.

In this infographic we cover these effects by looking at a number of studies carried out across the world. This includes studies by Gallup-Heathway, based on a survey of over 150,000 commuters, on the correlation between long commutes and back pain, high cholesterol and their emotional wellbeing. These studies are supported by other studies, which have shown that for every ten minutes spent commuting to work, you lose ten fewer social connections. Also, Swedish studies have shown that those with long drives to work are 40% more likely to separate from their other halves.

Fortunately, there are ways this can be combated, other than just moving closer to work or getting a new job. This infographic goes through how slight variations on your commute, such as what you eat, listen to and wear, can have a big effect on your wellbeing.



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