Best Night Out Of The Week For Office Workers?

Best Night Out Of The Week For Office Workers?

Time was when you could predict what you were doing on each day of the week, from working out to winding down and which day you’d be able to enjoy the best night out of the week. But life in the metropolis has changed – there’s always something happening somewhere, and you don’t want to miss out.

Thursday became the new Friday a long while ago. Key in a flexible, freelance and self-employed culture – 56% of Londoners (52% of people outside the capital) say their working hours are changing and irregular – and the week has become a moveable feast. And the increase in people working from home has seen a rise in a more relaxed working attitude on Friday with many choosing to work from home on a Friday.

You also have a bigger choice on the going-out menu: pop-up events, supper clubs, themed bars, burlesque. Learning how to make cocktails. Gaming nights, and with Virtual Reality on the horizon, opportunities to meet up in the real world, only to put on space goggles and then hang together in a virtual one. This pick-and-mix lifestyle isn’t just for London, but for also larger cities around the UK (sorry to all those folks living in suburbia).

Things have changed all round. Millennials don’t want to go clubbing any more – it’s a big night or a festival for them. Or an evening in with friends – there’s less chance of facing a hangover the next day and they’re setting the entertainment agenda for the week.

Teenagers are fearful of the future and would rather study than work at the weekends. With less cash to spare, they’re becoming choosy about how they party and socialise, so it’s not inevitably Friday-night binges for them on cheap booze.

So which is the best night for us office people to go out? Not Monday, because it’s when you try to remember the tasks you couldn’t finish last week and struggle to complete them on time.

(I haven’t forgotten Tuesday – will come to that in a minute.)

Wednesday it seems is the choice for big ticket or red-carpet events. Industry extravaganzas are held mid-week, like the European Film Premieres of ‘A United Kingdom’ and ‘Lion’ (5 and 12 October). You could say Wednesday has stepped into Thursday’s shoes.

Then there’s Friday. It’s supposed to be the day of the doldrums – all you want to do is wrap up work and have a quiet night in. And plan for a weekend breakfast or brunch, because spending quality time with friends is more important than shouting over each other in a club. And you don’t have to travel into a city centre to relax and catch up with life.

So what about Tuesday?

Research shows that it is the most productive day of the week for UK workers (Friday is when you get the least done). So you’re justified in rewarding yourself with a bit of indulgence and a late night; a treat for surviving Monday. Then there’s another bonus: unlike Thursday it gives you another three days ahead to catch up on work.













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