Be Blazing FitBit Fit For Heart Month

Be Blazing FitBit Fit For Heart Month

Wear it #RED and get your blood pumping for Heart Month

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) are asking people across Britain to get involved in February’s Heart Month and to wear red on the 6th, as part of their #WearItBeatIt fundraising campaign.

They’ve got some great ideas on what you can do at the office, including having a skills auction (are you a talented artist? paint a colleague), setting up a nail and beauty bar in the office (no toes though, please), serving red-themed drinks and snacks (make sure to hand out napkins) and having a ‘red items only’ raffle.

But once you’ve raised money, what about raising your heart rate?  The BHF have all sorts of heart-healthy resources and ideas on their website, but the one they really want us to get involved in is the 10 Minute Challenge.

Sign up and each day you’ll be sent a simple challenge that, you guessed it, takes 10 minutes.   Here’s one you can do at home in your sitting room in the morning.

To help people get more involved in their health and fitness, this Friday 6th February we’re reducing the price of the FitBit Flex wireless activity tracker (in red, of course).  With this on your wrist you can track how many steps you’ve taken, calories burned, distance travelled, and more.

While a FitBit is a really good way of monitoring your progress towards total fitness, it won’t do the exercise for you (annoying, right?).   So, please, get started on your health now; that way you’ll be nice and warmed up for when your tracker arrives.

Are you going to Wear It. Beat. It for Heart Month?  Let us know your plans in the comments.

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