10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Desk

10 Ways To Spruce Up Your Desk

With a large part of the day spent sitting at our desks it’s important to make that space our own. #OfficeLife is always more enjoyable in a clean, attractive and safe environment.

We’ve come up with some top tips to help you spruce up your desk and keep it that way….

1.  De-Clutter

Do you need everything that is currently on your desk? The first step of sprucing up your desk is getting rid of clutter and for this you need to be ruthless. Ask yourself two questions: Does it help me do my job? Does it inspire me? If the answer is no to both questions, then it probably doesn’t belong on your desk.

2. Stock up on Essentials

Once you have de cluttered your desk you can re-stock it with desktop stationery to aid productivity and save time. Every desk needs key items such as pens, paper, stapler, hole punch etc. It may be a welcome break to keep popping over to a nearby desk for staples and a natter but jobs will be completed much faster when you have everything to hand.

3. Make The Most of your wall space

Wall calendars give you an overview of daily tasks at a glance so you can quickly prioritise and make a start. Inspirational quotes can help guide you through those difficult times when you feel like your focus and motivation are slipping away.

4. Have a desk filing system

Use a set of stackable letter trays labelled Urgent, To do and Completed. Every time a job lands on your desk, decide there and then which tray it belongs in to avoid paperwork getting lost or jobs being forgotten about. It’s a quick and easy way to prioritise jobs as they arrive so you can spend more time completing them and less time buried underneath them.

5. Bin It

It’s surprising how quickly one biscuit wrapper or screwed up piece of paper can multiply. You have every intention of throwing it in the bin next time you walk past but once it’s there it becomes part of the scenery and it’s easy to forget to pick it up. A waste paper basket by your desk makes a huge difference – not to mention it hides that fact that you ate that whole chocolate bar to yourself without sharing.

6. Go paperless

Is all of the paper on your desk absolutely necessary? You could scan some of it onto your computer. It can be easily found with just a few clicks on the keyboard and will save you some valuable desk and drawer space.

7. Give your keyboard a good clean

Of all the items on your desk, your keyboard is likely to be harbouring the most germs, in extreme cases a keyboard can carry more bacteria than a toilet seat. Washing your hands after using the toilet and eating away from the desk will improve desk hygiene. It’s a good idea at least once a week to shake out any crumbs from your keyboard and use some anti-bacterial keyboard wipes or maybe a full cleaning kit for good measure.

8. Personalise your desk with photos

A photo of your family or beloved pets can be a great motivator and a reminder of why you work so hard. To make the most of your desk space you could upload your photos onto a digital photo frame? You can update photos as often as you like so you’ll always have something to smile about.

9. Untangle those cables

Printers, PCs, scanners and shredders all need to plugged in and the cables can become unsightly, not to mention a trip hazard. A cable tidy can help you keep your workplace safe and tangle free. It also handy to label plugs so when technology fails you and needs to be replaced you won’t be unplugging someone else’s monitor, thinking it’s your printer.

10. Leave your desk on good terms

When the clock ticks home time and your computer shuts down, spend a couple of minutes tidying. When you arrive back to work the next day your desk will already be clean and tidy so all you have to worry about is being amazing!

What does your workspace look like? Do you like a clean and tidy workspace or do you thrive on the chaos?


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