Office Chairs : The Good, The Better & The Best

Office Chairs : The Good, The Better & The Best

There’s been much talk in the office recently about our upcoming range of stylish Office chairs.

Euroffice has always stocked excellent products, but these new chairs really take style seriously.

We convened our fashionistas and have come up with a list of good, better and best office chairs.   Our findings aren’t final, so have a look at the entire range and see what your top three models would be.

Good : Erie Visitor Cantilever


You wouldn’t expect our ‘good’ chair to look so stylish, but it really is a thing to behold.   Made with bonded leather, its chromed cantilever design makes it look like the chair is almost floating in mid-air.  Yet it’s still comfortable for a full eight-hour workday.

But perhaps the most surprising thing, considering its elegant looks, is that it’s actually stackable.  We wanted to offer people seating that was stylish and practical, so the ability to stack four chairs really felt like something special to us.

Better : Roxbury Task Operator Chair Airmesh


Now summer is approaching, we’re all going to want to keep as cool as possible.  With this air-mesh chair you not only get flexible back support, but you’ll feel fresher too.  And for the seat you can choose mesh, fabric or bonded leather.

What I like about this model is that it has a hint of the futurist about it.  With its silver highlights you might even say there are shades of sci-fi in there too.  Yet while it’s definitely a modern looking chair there’s nothing overstated about it.

It’s just composed, quiet design that gets out of the way (which is why the arms fold down as well).

The Best : Cavendish Plus Ergo Posture 


It’s a good sign when industrial design makes you think, when it asks you to imagine.

This chair reminds me of pebbles on a beach that have been worn by the ocean.  The curves and contours; the way the seat, back and headrest share shapes, yet appear separate.

However, this is the best model in our list despite its thought-provoking design.  That’s because it’s loaded with features.  You can have it upholstered in a soft-feel fabric in blue, black or wine colours.  If you desire something classically stylish, you can even order it in leather.

Its arms are height and side adjustable, with multi-position pads to help with RSI.  It’s filled with contoured foam and can support up to 150kg.  If you’ve got a chiropractor they’ll like it too – it’s been approved by a UK practitioner.


These are just some of the new chairs Euroffice will stock.   There are many more designs just waiting to be discovered.   Which one will you want to take to work?


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