How to create ‘Thank you’ gift cards

How to create ‘Thank you’ gift cards

Rhodia notepads are great for meeting notes, Thank-you reminders, party planning and as a daily journal… but also for the creative ones a bit of doodling whilst in a meeting or procrastinating at your desk

So why not take your creative capabilities to the next level by sketching designs and using them as ‘Thank You’ cards for those who purchased presents for you?!

How to get inspired and what you need: 

There are LOADS of Christmas calligraphy and patterns that you can draw inspiration from on Pinterest.

Follow Euroffice’s board Christmas Doodles with Rhodia on Pinterest.

All you will need is a Rhodia blank notepad, scissors, blank cards (either in white or black), a black felt tip pen , white or coloured fine line pens if you want to brighten up your sketches. Once you’ve drawn your thank you note, simply cut and paste onto the card or cut and use a mini peg to pin to the card and voila – You’re done!

Here are a few of our favourite pins:

xmas doodle_eouk   xmas doodle2 _eouk xmas doodle3 _eouk xmas doodle4 _eouk   xmas doodle5 _eouk Visit Rhodia’s profile on Pinterest.

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