Top 10 Fun Ways To Stay Fit In The Office

Top 10 Fun Ways To Stay Fit In The Office

Are you still trying to shake off the evidence of your festive feasts?

Office life doesn’t always leave you with much time for physical activity so we’ve found some quick and easy ways to stay fit and active in the office.

1) Leg Extensions

Next time you grab a quick internet fix (don’t deny it – funny animals, cute cats, screaming goats – ring any bells?) try a few leg extensions. Whilst in a seated position, raise both legs in front of you until they are level with your hips, keep them there for 10 seconds and then slowly lower them back to the ground.

2) Walk On TheSpot

While you’re waiting for the printer to finish it’s tempting to lean against the wall and daydream about dinner. Instead, spend a couple of minutes walking on the spot, lifting your knees as high as you can for full effect. Don’t worry if people start peering over their monitors to give you odd looks, by the end of the week they’ll all want to join in.

3) Take The Stairs

Could you walk across the room or whip up the stairs to speak to someone in person rather than hitting that send button or dialling an extension number? As well as getting you moving you might find yourself getting to know your work colleagues a bit better. Chris the new guy you’ve been emailing all week from the office upstairs, is actually the new girl and she loves shoes as much as you do – info you wouldn’t have got over an email.

4) Bicep Curls

Grab your stapler, hole punch, water bottle, or anything on your desk that has a bit of weight to it and do some bicep curls. If you’re worried about looking too vain, try the secret desk lift instead. Place your hands underneath your desk and push up as through you were going to lift it. The desk won’t lift (you’re not superman) but you will still feel the muscles working. Hold that position for 10 seconds then relax.

5) Push Ups

There is a way to do push ups without turning yourself into a trip hazard and all you need is your desk. Place your hands on the edge of the desk, straighten your legs out behind so that you are leaning towards the desk and begin the push ups (you could even read your emails at the same time). Unless you already had plans to rearrange the office it’s best not to do this exercise on a desk with wheels.

6) Chair Squats

Stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down. It’s as simple as that. So what if it looks like you keep forgetting what you got up for. Feel the burn! It’s worth it. And think how great your legs will look in those hot pants you’ve got your eye on 😉 Don’t overdo it on the first day though or tomorrow you won’t be able to get out of the chair at all.

7) Star Jumps

Obviously it’s not a good idea to go star jumping round the office, you’ll likely have someones eye out or shatter their shins but there is another way to get a few star jumps in now and again. Each time the phone rings stand up and do a star jump before answering it. Go on, try it, it will be fun!

8) Lunges

The next time you need to visit the supply cupboard or the filing cabinet, give your usual leisurely stroll a miss and try lunging your way towards it instead. In fact, why stop there? You can lunge your way to anywhere, outfit permitting of course. You don’t want to split your trousers, that would be embarrassing.

9) Glute Squeezes

Sat in a meeting? While you sit on your butt, give it a workout. Squeeze your buttocks together as tight as you can and hold for 10 seconds at a time. You’ll have buns of steel in no time and not a single person will notice how you got them. Remember to breathe or your face will give you away – “I’m fine, I’m just doing my butt squeezes” is not something you want to have to explain to your boss.

10)  On Your Bike

Lunging, butt squeezing and star jumping around the office not your idea of fun? Why not leave the car at home and ride your bike to work once or twice a week. With all the extra exercise and fresh air you’re bound the sleep well at bed time.
It’s much more fun if you can get everyone in the office involved. You can share the silliness of it all and sympathise with each other as you hobble into work the next day.

Will you be trying any of these at work or do you already have a favourite #deskercise tip of your own?

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