Office Feats of Strength!

Office Feats of Strength!

As part of our push towards #OfficeFitness, we’re looking at #excercises that challenge you at work.

When you walk into your workplace, what do you see?  A shrine to the #sedentary?  A temple to sitting still?  Perhaps.  But the office is also a place where men and women can test their wills and their bodies.  Join us as we explore…Office Feats of Strength

Note:  I have no medical qualification, but I’m using the names of muscles as if I know what I’m talking about.

The Stapler Push

No matter how good your #stapler, there’ll come a time when it won’t be able to puncture the enormous wedge of papers you’ve presented to it.  Do you get a bigger stapler or remove some of the paper?  No.  You push down harder, better, stronger, faster. 

This feat works the: deltoid, bicep brachioradialis, gruntus maximus and bentus staplus

The Water Bottle Lift

It’s summer.  It’s blazing outside and worse inside.  The office is thirsty, but the #watercooler bottle needs replacing.   Using your own unique #weightlifting method, you bend your back, keep your legs straight and power the treasured liquid onto its pedestal.  Your colleagues gasp at your strength.  You are Poseidon.

This feat works the: gluteus maximus, adductor magnus, gastrocnemius, ouchmibaccus and helpusplesus

The Broken Loo Lock

You’re desperate to spend a penny, but all the bathroom stalls are taken apart from one with a broken lock.  You’ve got this.  Gently lowering yourself into position, you extend first one leg, then the other, bracing the loo door against lock-rattlers and shove-openers.  They shall not pass.   

This feat works the: rectus femoris, semitendinosus, lumbricals, itsoccupidus and ohnotheresnopaperus

The Paper Ream Rip

Note: This is a feat that I personally witnessed many years ago.

The printer is out of paper.  You go to fill it up, but a workmate is already there. He has been waiting to impress the women in the office.  This is his chance.  He gets a ream and SLAMS it on his knee to loosen the packing, RIPS it open and THRUSTS it into the printer.

This display of power, grip and dexterity proves him an alpha male.  (In his head.)

This feat works the: opponens pollicis, flexor carpi radialis, flexor pollicis longus, wathehellisthatus and imsolonelius

The Greatest Feat Of Strength

This exercise doesn’t need weights or repetitions.  It doesn’t use any limb or muscle with a Latin name.  No, it requires something much more rare: willpower

The greatest feat of strength is saying no to your boss.   That or turning down a Jaffa Cake when someone hands them round the office.  (Did you know they’re called cakes because they’d be taxed more if they were classed as biscuits?)

Can you think of any other office feats of strength?  Let us know the in comments, or recreate them in a photo and share them with us on Twitter @eurofficecouk

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