Euroffice “Olympics”

Euroffice “Olympics”

The social committee here at Euroffice were tasked with getting everyone into the Olympic spirit in time for this year’s games in Rio. It’s fair to say that they went above and beyond what anyone expected!

This involved the whole company in a day of gruelling, fun and wild events inspired by the Olympics. This included building a long jump pit in the office, racing with chairs in the street, running a basketball competition that went to a playoff, having team members fence while wearing masks of famous Olympians and setting up an archery competition in the boardroom.

You can see the highlights of the day in this video:

If that whets your appetite, you can see the 3-minute version below, along with a range of pictures taken in the day. If you’d like to show us how your getting #ReadyForRio, why not take part in our competition and you might win £150.

The day began with an opening ceremony, involving the ‘official’ mascot of the day, Pele the Parrot lighting the flame to get the event going!


The 3m long jump was complete with sand, a foul board and an umpire to make sure all jumps were within the rules. Competitors had to start their run up in their chair and then leap into the sand.

We decided to take the sprint to the streets! With a track, lane markers and finish line tape, we set up in a quiet(ish) side street. Competitors rode their chairs along a very potholed street, the bravest of whom actually propelled themselves backwards along the street in an effort to record the quickest time.

Perhaps the one that became the most competitive was the office fencing. This event involved taping some marker pens onto 50cm rulers, dressing the competitors in boiler suites and face masks of famous Olympians and then letting them go on the attack!

Perhaps the most hard-fought competition was the basketball, which went down to a playoff, won by one of  for the few Russian competitors in the whole games.


The games ended with the archery competition, where finely tuned athletes from around the office aimed their arrows at a target drawn with whiteboard markers.

All the winning athletes were presented with their medals by Pele the Parrot at the podium ceremonies at the end of the day.

You can see the full highlights package here:


Unfortunately, some athletes couldn’t stay true to the spirit of the competition.


Pictures of the day










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