DIY Advent Calendar Using Envelopes

DIY Advent Calendar Using Envelopes

Shake up this Christmas’ Advent Calendar by creating your very own! We have teamed up with Office Supplies supplier Bong UK (New Guardian) to bring you a simple, easy-peasy instructions on how to personalise yours or gift it to a friend or loved-one.

How to make your own Advent Calendar:

Swap your supermarket advent calendar for something a little more special this Christmas! Follow our instructions on how to create your very own DIY Advent Calendar using items all shop-able on our site. By creating your very own calendar, you can pick and choose different gifts or sweet notes for your friends and family to open up each day. Nothing says a perfect Christmas gift like a personalised one!

What You’ll Need

  1. 1 Pack of New Guardian Envelopes
  2. Embellishments of your choice
  3. String (4 X 35CM)
  4. Sticky tape
  5. Scissors
  6. Pack of clips

1. Decorating your Advent Calendar

Start your DIY project off with the fun part – Decorating each day’s envelope! Skies the limit with this as you can glue, pin, staple or hand draw your very own decorations. Just ensure you include the number of each day! We used stencils to brand each of ours using BICs assorted permanent markers to brighten up each day!

2. Cutting and sticking string

Measuring and cutting the string for your DIY Advent Calendar depends on how many days you wish for it to run.

For a 12 Day Advent Calendar – Cut 4 pieces of string measuring at 35cm

For a 24 Day Advent Calendar – Cut 8 pieces of string measuring at 35cm

3. Stringing together your DIY Advent Calendar

After you have decided which calendar you would like to make (either 12 or 24) then choose a spot in the house where you wish to hang your DIY Advent Calendar. Firmly sticky tape each end of the string, ensuring that you leave enough space between for the envelopes to hang nicely.

4. Pack and place each day

Now that your string is firmly set in place, it’s time to hang each day’s envelope. Gather together your decorated envelopes and start packing each one with your special gift. The gifts can be as creative and generous as you wish!

Now that you have packed up your presents hang each day (can be in order or a random). Each string should fit to hang 3 envelopes each.

Once you have pinned each envelope – Voila! You are done!

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