How To Have A Music Festival In The Office

How To Have A Music Festival In The Office

The sun is out and you’re daydreaming at your desk about seeing your favourite artists at a music festival but that comes with the hassle of setting up a tent and rain threating to turn everything to mud! Instead, why not recreate the fun side of festival fever in the office? We’ve put together some ideas to help you set up an office music festival.

Find the talent

Step one is to find the musicians or performers in your office and recruit them for your festival line-up. Offices are treasure troves, full of people with secret talents from singing, to dancing to playing an instrument. So take on the role of a booker and invite your colleagues to have an impromptu jam or audition to decide who makes the bill.

With such variety to be found in your team and beyond, you’ll be able to make up an interesting playlist in no time.

Set up your own stages

You’re spoilt for choice at a festival – you can take your pick of several stages and listen to bands from different musical worlds.

It might not be possible to set up a giant pyramid in the middle of the office, but you can still create your own stages or themed zones.  Each department can decorate their areas suited to the talents in their teams. Classical musicians can come up with a theatrical backdrop for their music. Alternatively, you can make the kitchen or communal area of the office the spot for all your acts to take it in turns to perform.

You could even ask everyone to plug into their laptops, phones or computers and start a silent disco. Select three differently playlists and let everyone choose the one they most like, or flick between them. Enjoy the sight of everyone dancing to the beat of their own drum.

Note: just to be sure, do check any music licensing implications.

Music by any other name (would sound as sweet)

Office festivals are an opportunity for non-musicians to create music too.   Even if they’ve never picked up a guitar or tinkled the ivories before, your colleagues can still get their own gig.  How?  Create musical instruments with objects found around the office.

Let’s start with disposable paper cups – and a good voice to recreate the viral cup song.

You can also turn out amazing beats with a couple of rulers, a pencil and a brace of diaries or notebooks – and let’s not forget the pencil sharpener.

But that’s just a small combo.  Throw out a challenge to see who could get the best sound out of shredding paper, clicking staplers and scissors, flicking a water container, a smartphone keypad and other sundry office supplies. Of course, you need a diva to do the vocals.

Reality bites

Traditionally festival food is a bit pricey and not all that tasty. Or it goes the other direction and is super healthy offering a unique mix of gluten-free, organic, vegan choices. So why not avoid both.

Instead, make your office festival food more affordable and tastier. For those unwilling or unable to hold a tune, set them to work on a food stall. They can prepare some dishes in advance and bring them to the festival food court for sale.

£2 per item is reasonable and for inspiration why not make a mixed sandwich platter, cold cut meats, a selection of bread, crackers and dips and then some cakes for a sweet treat.

Whatsmore, you can use this part of your office festival to raise money for charity.  Other fundraising ideas include a jukebox system where people can pay £1 to add a song to a playlist, so they’ll hear their favourite tunes, or auction off requests if you’ve got a live office band.   Stock up on soft drinks but sell them at vending machine prices.

You’ll be able to enjoy cool festival vibes, a feast and do some good for the world at the same time.

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