Top 10 Products For The New Prime Minister

Top 10 Products For The New Prime Minister

With the #Election over and the votes counted, we’ve been thinking about what stationery the Prime Minister will need for the new term. Here’s what we think.

Tip ex

To cover up all the tales, tip ex is an essential.


He’ll need a few rubbers to erase the election promises.

Filing Cabinet

We think the new PM will need a high security filing cabinet to lock away the skeletons.

Staple Remover

He’ll need a staple remover too, to remove the coalition papers from his paperwork.


A ruler for some guidance to help rule. A 1m rule should do the trick.


A calculator to calculate how much to increase MP’s expenses.

Sticky tape

Sticky tape to hold together the new government.


He’ll need a strong guillotine to cut up the election manifesto.

Mop and Bucket

A mop and bucket to wipe up the mess from the last government.


A diary is a must to take note and remember all the lies they spin.

We’re looking forward to the Prime Minister’s stationery order – we’ll happily supply him for all his stationery needs.


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