Perfect Christmas Stationery Gifts

Perfect Christmas Stationery Gifts

Don’t fret about Christmas shopping this year. We’ve come up with stationery gifts – from handsome diaries, to handy accessories and amusing stocking fillers – for the special people in your life.

We’ve picked presents for the business executive, the artist, the BFF and the handicrafts devotee. Of course, you can mix and match items from our selection – and choose a couple for yourself too, as a treat.

The business executive

High-powered, charismatic and persuasive, sometimes needing more than 24 hours in a day.  Appreciates someone simplifying things for them.

2016 Desk diary Sumptuous in red and black, with a spring-loaded spine.  Two pages to a day to help them keep track of all their tasks – and remind them of their accomplishments.

Digital pen For talent-rich, but time-poor thinkers working out complex business problems. It captures handwritten notes and drawings, transferred effortlessly to computer.

Post-it note tower Sometimes colleagues don’t get the message; now they can leave them a firm-but-gentle reminder using a sticky note.  If you want to get it done, you might need a lot of reminders.

The artist

Often needs that little nudge or incentive to put pen or pencil to paper.  Can soar on flights of fancy, but could do with some organising.

Rotring mechanical pencil Precision and artistry combined in a sleek ergonomic shape. Did you know that the brand name means Red Ring in German? And each Rotring pen and pencil has a red ring around the barrel? Put that on your gift tag.

Drawing pads Eco-conscious, acid-free cartridge paper with heft, to summon the artistic muse and possibly lead to a masterpiece.

Dog magic tape dispenser A touch of whimsy in the artist’s studio. Marvellous for keeping drawings in place, and writing – and rewriting – little notes on the tape itself.


Loyal, longstanding friend. Can be scatterbrained, but is always generous with her time and advice.

Filofax Soft leather and lipsmacking colours. Now there’s no reason for them to forget lunch dates with you, or misplace their credit cards.

Rollerball pen In elegant gunmetal. With smooth, free-flowing ink and long-lasting colours.  Could even be an incentive to jot down those crucial thoughts in the middle of the night, ready to share with you over a glass of wine.

Paperclip dispenser & pencil cup Berry pink, for her stylish home office. The quirky dispenser prevents paperclips going walkabout and the pencil cup is padded with foam to make those pencils feel more comfortable.

The handicrafts devotee

Sports a Blue Peter badge and proud of it. Has moved on from toilet roll tubes and sticky tape, and is buzzing with ‘make and do’ ideas.

Iron-on transfer paper To print their bespoke designs or photographs and iron them on to T-shirts – or maybe tea towels.

Cutting mat Now they won’t scratch the kitchen table when wielding a scalpel to cut out fine designs.  And they won’t have to reach for the ruler because it’s printed with a 1mm grid.

Fluorescent paper In fantastic neon colours, waiting to be transformed into origami or intriguing handmade cards.

Do you have any of these characters in your life?   Now you know how to treat them at Christmas.

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