Red Journals And Deep, Dark Chocolates

Red Journals And Deep, Dark Chocolates

Buy a red notebook by Black n’ Red and, for this month only, get free Green & Black’s chocolate.

This #Valentine’s Day, whether you’re courting someone, or if you’ve already found a partner to brave the winds and wilds of life with, make it memorable.

Maybe now’s the time to start a journal, not simply to confide your secrets, but also to record your history together so far, or fill in each page over the year ahead.

These Black n’ Red journals are bright crimson, with a soft cover and a single black ribbon to mark your place between their pleasingly heavy pages.  Inside you’ll find a pocket to store mementos and outside there’s a band that wraps around the journal, keeping those memories safe and secure.

Best of all, when you buy one of these stylish notebooks, we’ll treat you to a free #organic Green & Black’s Chocolate Collection.

Dark chocolate is a perfect Valentine’s gift, too.  It’s long been known that #chocolate is good for the body, but it’s recently been shown exactly how it can affect us: chocolate is anti-inflammatory, and it can help keep your arteries flexible, to keep your heart pumping.   (And we all know how fast it can beat in the presence of the right person.)

Take your pick of the #Green&Black range. Maybe you fancy the richness of white chocolate, or perhaps you’re addicted to the complex depths of dark chocolate. If you’re a person of contrasting tastes, then maybe you want something with flavours that oppose but balance each other – chocolate with Anglesey sea salt that brings out #caramel notes.

Dive into luxury with #butterscotch, made rich with molasses for a delightfully treacly taste.  Spice up your life with chocolate infused with crystallised Chinese #ginger – a hint of heat breaking through the darkness.

Finally, for that comforting treat that’s full of the memories of teenage romance and happy times together, have a classic milk chocolate, a balance of strong cocoa and creamy milk.

Remember these are chocolates meant to be savoured – just like romance, share the pleasure with your loved one.  Taste. Smell.  Melt.  Sense.

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