Clever Ways to Upcycle Your Cardboard Boxes

Clever Ways to Upcycle Your Cardboard Boxes

Give your unwanted cardboard boxes a new lease of life with these tips.

Once you’ve opened your Internet orders and packages do you automatically put the cartons in the recycling bin?  Instead, have a go at #upcycling that cardboard and with a little #DIY you’ll be able to turn trusty cartons into practical, fun and decorative items.


Make a Lightbox

One of the tricks of good photography is to take pictures that bathe your subject in light.  And all you need for that perfect image is a box, some sticky tape and tissue paper. Now if you share a photo of any quirky accessories you buy, or vintage finds you uncover, they’re guaranteed to look amazing.


Spruce up your Office

With some cardboard box lids you can make instant artwork to add colour and character to your workplace. Cover the front and sides with patterned wallpaper and hang on them the wall.   (Or cover entire boxes to turn storage into an attractive feature.)


Create Your Own Christmas Decorations

Give your Christmas tree – in the office or at home – a distinctive touch with handmade ornaments. You’d be surprised at what you can do with corrugated cardboard (though I’d add a bit colour to the finished version – perhaps red and green glitter).


Create a Talking Point

If you work in a off-beat office that encourages creativity, why not make a cardboard deer’s head to hang on the wall?  Place it strategically and it can be an icebreaker at awkward meetings.  (Best of all, you can watch Bambi without feeling bad.)


Make a Gift Bag

With a little bit of imagination, small cartons and cereal boxes can be turned into stylish gift bags; a personalised and eco-friendly way to package products for customers and clients and treats for friends.  What could be more appreciated than a hand-made item?

Have you ever worked (Christmas) miracles with cardboard?  Let us know your best ‘board inventions in the comments.

Curious how else cardboard can be used?

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