Do You Really Know Your Pilot FriXion Pen?

Do You Really Know Your Pilot FriXion Pen?

Remember when an erasable pen was to be avoided at all costs? At best you’d transform a misspelt word into a messy smudge and if you were really unfortunate you would erase the actual paper. The teacher would give you look of despair and say “A simple line through the mistake would have done” followed by a lecture on wasting paper.

Thankfully those days are well and truly behind us. Erasable pens have advanced considerably and the Pilot FriXion is an excellent example.

What makes the FriXion so special?

The FriXion uses thermo sensitive ink technology which means that when you rub the ink with the eraser tip the FriXion heats up the ink to a temperature of over 65 ° C  making it disappear. But this isn’t the best bit. The ink doesn’t just vanish, never to be seen again, the ink is only hidden and can be retrieved when exposed to temperatures of – 12 ° C  and maybe a few frozen peas thrown in for luck.

The trouble is, a pen this clever was never going to be content living a normal life with normal pens. The Pilot FriXion wants to be the star of the show and will do anything for attention.

Let’s take a look at the many faces of the Pilot FriXion


The Voice of Reason

Important notes can be easily lost in an uninspiring sea of black or blue, all merging together as you struggle to make sense of it all. The FriXions choice of colours gives you the option to colour code your notes bringing each page to life, making important points easy to pick out and more memorable.


The Artist

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to draw pictures worthy of an art gallery. For some (myself included) random telephone doodles are as good as it gets, but with a splash of FriXion colour we can aim to make them the best rubbish doodles ever.


The Prankster

“Please Sir, I did do my homework, honest, the sun stole it” cried the school child on his way to detention.

“I’m sure I wrote that phone number down earlier. I left it by the radiator but now it’s gone” said the confused office worker to her boss.

“Mwahhh ha ha” laughed the mischievous Pilot FriXion.

The FriXion doesn’t discriminate. Any heat source is a perfect opportunity to cause havoc and confusion. Luckily, a short stint in the freezer should retrieve any lost homework or important phone numbers.

Don’t let the FriXions pranks cause any serious problems – avoid using this pen for signatures or important documents.


The Spy

Is anyone in the office acting strangely? Do they creep around listening in on conversations, notebook in hand, always scribbling away? Did you not think it odd when you did some snooping of your own and found the notebook to be empty? Where is the spy now? Let me guess, refilling the ice cube tray? If you believe that you’ll believe anything. When they’re not looking, snatch that notebook from the freezer and find out what they’ve been up to.


The Perfectionist

Nobody is perfect. If you can show me one person who never puts a foot wrong, someone who gets everything right, all of the time I’ll eat my entire pen collection. The Pilot FriXion can’t fix everything that’s wrong in your life but it can make you look like a handwriting Jedi. There will be no spelling mistakes or messy corrections on your page – Ever!


The Matchmaker

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and the FriXion knows how to add a little mystery to a card. Is there someone special at work who you’ve been admiring from afar? Write them a card letting them know how you feel and then erase it. Leave only the words ‘Freeze me!’

Until they have access to a freezer they will be dying to know what it says.

If you’re not feeling brave you could leave out your name, but do give them a clue by letting them know the card was written using a FriXion.

They will probably hop from desk to desk in an attempt to catch you out but if there are more than one FriXion users in the office you can deny everything! Careful though, if you don’t own up, another FriXion user might steal your valentine.


Do you have a favourite erasable pen? We’d love to know what fun and interesting things you’ve done with it!

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