It’s Eat What You Want Day

It’s Eat What You Want Day

It’s #EatWhatYouWantDay. Ignore the diet, pick up the ice-cream and treat yourself.

First, a Story:

A family friend has been poorly over the last few months.  She’s been diagnosed with diabetes and has had a heart operation.  Even worse than all that, she’s been put on a strict, low fat, low carb diet.

Well, sort of strict.

You see, every now and then she’ll still sneak a treat, or have a second helping of pudding.  Why?  Because it makes her #happy – and her doctor doesn’t seem to mind too much.

Eat What You Want Day (EWYWD)

EWYWD is about understanding that part of being healthy is being happy, even if that means breaking the rules once in a while.   You’ve got to indulge yourself to look after yourself.

Maybe that means cracking open chocolates, or breaking out the biscuits.  Perhaps there’s a bottle of wine you’ve been eyeing up that’s a shade too expensive to justify; now’s the time to buy it and enjoy it.

If you prefer the meatier things in life, treat yourself to a thick steak fried in butter, with salty, chunky chips and a sprig of parsley, you know, for the salad.  (Why not upgrade to a ‘surf and turf’,  and add a crescent-red lobster tail roasted with fresh herbs, and a dollop of aioli?)

But before we whet your appetite too much, we’ve got a twist on EWYWD.

We Think it Should be Eat What You Want, Together.

We’ve always suggested that families should eat together when possible – if only to lumber the young ones with the washing up afterwards! – so why not use EWYWD as an excuse to have a glorious, all treats considered, all favourites made, family meal?

And this isn’t just about eating till you and yours are dozing at the dinner table.   Way back in 2002, researchers at the Alicante Medical Centre in Spain found that families dining together could have a beneficial effect on things like anxiety and depression in young people.

Humans are meant to eat together; we’ve been sitting round campfires, sharing stories and food for thousands and thousands of years.

While nobody can deny it’s lovely to curl up on the sofa alone with a blanket and bowl of ice-cream, here at Euroffice we think that sharing what we have, breaking bread, is actually the essence of good food and happiness.

What are you waiting for? Grab a takeaway menu, pop open a bottle of wine and invite people over.  Remember, it’s Eat What You Want, Together Day.


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