Handwriting Day

Handwriting Day

Happy National Handwriting Day!

Let’s celebrate all things handwritten by stepping away from the keyboard, picking up a pen and writing something by hand. Don’t worry if it feels alien to begin with, writing is like riding a bike, it’s not something you forget.

What can we do to keep the written word alive?

In schools:

We live in a digital age where school children are competent iPad users long before they can even write their own name. When asked to research a subject do they head off to the library to paw over books and make notes? No, they consult the Google search bar which tells them everything they need to know and more, and quicker too. Copy and pasting relevant information may be quicker than note taking but studies suggest that writing information down, adding extra notes or thoughts along the way helps to make it more memorable so the extra time invested is well worth it.

The majority of exam papers still require handwritten answers so readable handwriting could make a difference to grades. Examiners are not mind readers, if they can’t read the answer they can’t mark it.

Making sure young people have access to great pens is a great way to fuel their enthusiasm for writing.
How many children do you know who have ever used a fountain pen? Many schools favour the Berol handwriting pen (which are great pens by the way) or a similar version but wouldn’t it be great if fountain pens were reintroduced?

A fountain pen needs only a small amount of pressure to put ink onto paper allowing smaller hands to write comfortably for longer. The beautiful inky lines created by a fountain pen encourage the writer to slow down and take pride in every curve and flick, creating much neater handwriting.

And who knows, maybe a few of these fountain pen users will grow up to become doctors with handwriting we can actually read!

At work:

Technology has changed the work place for the better. Emails, conference calls, skype, smartphones are all ways in which businesses can communicate with both customers and clients in real time reducing the need for snail mail.

Through social media sites more people than ever are now able to interact with businesses and brands, allowing them to receive information quickly and provide valuable feedback. This does however mean that a handwritten letter about fantastic (or not so fantastic) customer service or a single member of staff who went above and beyond what was expected is a rarity.

When a successful work project comes to an end a thank you for a colleague’s hard word and commitment goes a long way. Why not go the extra mile and make it personal? A hand written card lets the recipient know they are genuinely valued and appreciated.

For a smart looking handwritten finish, try the Uniball Jetstream, Zebra Jimnie or the Pentel EnerGel. These pens are all super smooth on paper and use quick drying ink (perfect for lefties) so no more unsightly smudges ruining your day or more importantly your Thank you card.

In everyday life:

Next time you go away on holiday try to make a point of sending at least one postcard home detailing something you haven’t posted on your social media pages to make it more special.

Those who have loved ones serving in the armed forces will know all too well how precious a letter can be, but even these heartfelt letters of love and longing for home have been digitalised thanks to the ebluey. Swap one ebluey a fortnight for a handwritten letter. It might take longer to get there but it will be all the more treasured when it does.

Do you struggle to find time to put pen to paper? Every day before you go to bed, write down the best thing that happened that day, even if it’s only one sentence. At the end of the year you will have pages full of happy occasions, all handwritten, for you to look back on and enjoy.
No one is suggesting you should hand write everything but once in a while it’s nice to reconnect with a good old fashioned pen.

Why not send us a picture or tweet us a sample of your best handwriting?

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