What To Bring On Holiday

What To Bring On Holiday

Holiday season is here! Pack your bags, grab your bikinis, the Sangria awaits. Now if you’re anything like me, and you leave packing to the last minute then a handy guide is always useful…


First things first. Keep your paperwork safe and organised with a document wallet. Opt for a pack of assorted colours – one for each member of the family.

Day 1

You’ve discovered the best sun lounger at your hotel. It’s got great views of the stunning landscape and is just a stone’s throw away from the bar. So you get up early the next day to make sure you grab it, and someone else has the same brilliant idea and nabbed it before you. Don’t miss out on that perfect spot, and pack your own comfy chair for sunbathing! That way you can avoid the awkwardness of lying down and trying to read your book whilst blocking the sun out of your eyes.

Day 2

Time to explore the local town…and get lost in said local town. Your phone’s got no internet signal and your only company is a lonely goat. And they said packing the world map was a step too far, well at least you’ll get some use for it!

Day 3

Grab your notepad and pen and start your holiday journal. After all yesterday’s fiasco will provide many laughs when you get home so jot it all down to make sure you remember every detail of the hilarity (including your friend’s unfortunate bikini mishap on day one. Right in front of the Spanish lifeguards….)

Day 4

Kids starting to get bored? Thank goodness for colouring pens! Just watch out they don’t draw on the bedroom walls. You’ll need paper. Lots of paper. Good job Euroffice has it covered.

Day 5

You finally found your way around the local town and discovered the amazing markets and boutiques. Hmm… Now I’ve got a magnet for Mum, a beer glass for Dad, sandals, a bikini, a hat, some dresses, sunglasses ooh and a nice bottle of Ouzo for me. What’s the exchange rate again? Pack a trusty calculator and then you won’t run out of money for the duty free on the way back. Clever thinking.

Day 6

Nooo! It’s your last day and you’ve got to pack for the flight back. And it hits you that you went a little overboard on your shopping spree yesterday. Be prepared and pack some weighing scales. That way you can avoid the awkward weigh in at the airport, and you’ll know in advance that you have to wear every item of clothing.






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