Teacher’s Top Ten Survival Kit

Teacher’s Top Ten Survival Kit

Daily school life can be pretty hectic! With lesson planning, teaching, marking, meetings, parent evenings – the list goes on! Staying on top of work and being organised is a must! Discover our list of essential items for the teacher’s survival kit.

Paper Clips and Foldback Clips

Keep it together with paper clips. Great for lesson plans and lesson activities. And for those larger ‘hold it all together’ jobs, foldback clips will do the trick.

paperclips_euroffice foldbackclips_euroffice

Post it notes

Post-its are perfect for those light bulb moments, reminders, brainstorming and doodling! And if you opt for a novel shape like an arrow or speech bubble you can give them to your kids for a fun activity – perfect for quote of the day for example.



Colour your day and keep the little ones busy during break time with coloured chalk and let their creative juices flow – whether they practice their drawing or writing or even create a hop scotch on the playground. Chalk is also really useful for PE lessons for primary school age kids. Create fun games like jump to the line or hop within the circles.


Coloured Paper

Stand the test of the school day with flying colours. Make your posters stand out more with coloured paper. Kids are more likely to take notice of colourful posters. Coloured paper is great for wet playtime – keep the kids occupied and entertained!


Academic Diary

It may feel like 2015 has barely begun but in terms of academic years, it’s nearly over! Get in quickly before you lose out and order your academic diary early. An essential for teachers to stay organised with meetings, lesson plans, parent evenings, appointments and more!


Whiteboard markers

You know that moment when it’s a hot day and the kids won’t settle, the coffee machine is down and you just can’t find a boardmarker that works! Well worry no more, make sure to always carry a spare with you in your bag.

whiteboardmarkerseuroffice - Euroffice


When I was at school my teachers always had blu-tack on them! Perfect for temporary fixings like posters and notices and last minute wardrobe mishaps in school plays!

blutack- Euroffice


Give your kids’ work a stamp of approval and boost their confidence with a ‘well done’ stamp’. Great for encouraging younger pupils.

Brilliantiger- Euroffice  excellentworkworm- Euroffice  Goodworktick - Euroffice keep it up butterfly - Euroffice Whale wow stamp - Euroffice Well done dog- Euroffice


Secure your marking, lesson plans and paperwork together in wallets for transporting between home and school. Also perfect for storage.

5starwallets - Euroffice


Notebooks are an essential to jot down lesson ideas, brainstorming, minutes form meetings, to- do lists, tasks and anything and everything that pops into your head! These Oxford Notebooks have handy movable bookmarks to easily find your page.

oxfordnotebook- Euroffice


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