Small Exercises You Can Do At Work

Small Exercises You Can Do At Work

We’ve come up with a little list of small exercises to help you get a workout at work.

Wouldn’t it be great if businesses helped their staff stay fit and healthy?  While that might seem like an unusual idea here in the UK, in Japan it’s taken for granted.

Many companies over there will have a pre-work exercise routine to get everyone nice and limber for the day ahead.  Yes, even in offices.

In the absence of an official Euroffice fitness regime, I’ve tried to find some moves that people can do at work by themselves.

The At-Work Walkabout

The simplest and best office exercise is to walk.  When you need to send someone a message, get up from your desk and go and see them in person.   If there’s a meeting scheduled on a different floor, take the stairs and ignore the lift.  If you go out at lunchtime, try strolling for an extra lap around the block.

The Clandestine Kicker

Want to sculpt your calves and thighs but don’t fancy running around the office in short-shorts?  While sitting at your desk simply lift one of your legs and hold it outstretched.  Wait a moment, and then lower slowly.  Repeat.

The Fanning Fist

Get the blood pumping in your hands by alternately clenching your fist and then fanning out your fingers.  This is a good exercise if you’ve been typing all afternoon or, if you’re me, signalling to colleagues that you want ten sugars in your tea. (Kidding.)

The Water Weighter 

Did you know that 500ml of water weighs 500g?  To do some low-key bicep curls, hold bottles of water firmly in each hand – wrists facing upwards – and bend your arms, bringing your fists up to your shoulders.  Need more weight?  Just use a bigger bottle!

The Secret Squeeze

To re-design your derriere, use this technique.  While sitting on your chair, simply clench and unclench your bottom.  The trick to performing this exercise at the office is being quiet.   Nobody needs to see your gluteal grimacing.

The Little Dipper

You’ll need a strong seat for this one.   Place your hands firmly on the arms of your chair and lift yourself upwards.  You can keep your feet on the floor, but don’t use your leg muscles to help.  Hold and lower yourself slowly.  Soon you’ll have nicely sculpted arms.

Actually, I’ve been inspired by the Japanese.  I’m going to ask Euroffice boss Simon to let me lead a morning exercise routine; I need an excuse to dust off my headband and ankle-warmers.  I think I’ll use this as the template for our workout.

Top movie fact: the backspin move in Flashdance was performed by a male breakdancer called Crazy Legs.  He had to wear a wig.

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