International Awesome Day: A Day Of A.W.E.S.O.M.E products | Top Ten Tuesday

International Awesome Day: A Day Of A.W.E.S.O.M.E products | Top Ten Tuesday

International Day of Awesomeness

So today is International Day of Awesomeness, a day to celebrate all things awesome! And in the spirit of today, we’re taking a look at our #Top10Tuesday Awesome products. And yes stationery is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.


Novelty Post-it Notes

Add some fun to your day with these totally awesome novelty post-it notes. Make your reminders pop and ensure they get noticed. Our selection of novelty post it notes come in speech bubbles heart shapes and arrow shapes.

#TopTip – Spruce up the neglected office notice board with a ‘We love….’ discussion of the week using heart shaped post-its or add a quote of the day using the speech bubble post-its!

Novelty Post it Notes - Euroffice


Novelty dispensers

The work place can be stressful with deadlines and meetings but it can be awesome too! Add a smile to your face anytime you need some tape or a post it with an awesome dispenser, like this karate kicking post it note dispenser or your very own pet pooch, Scotch tape dispenser. Leave your colleagues drawling…

Karate Post it Note Dispenser - Euroffice


Pocket Projector

Awesome doesn’t have to mean big, it can mean small too. And this pocket projector certainly doesn’t lack in the awesome stakes. Compact and lightweight means you can take it anywhere and with a screen distance of up to 5 meters and projection image of up to 305 cm, it’s perfect for lazy summer film nights in the garden or park.

Phillips USB Pocket Projector - Euroffice

The perfect complement . . .

. . . for the pocket projector? Bluetooth speakers. You’ll certainly need these wireless, weatherproof speakers for those lazy summer film nights in the garden.

TDK Bluetooth Portable Speaker - Euroffice


iPad Stand

Make your iPad POP with Leitz’s Wow range of iPad stands which come in four bright, metallic colours: blue, green, pink and orange. Your friends will be green with envy.

Leitz WOW Desk Stand for iPad Blue - Euroffice


World Map Desk Mat

Plan your next holiday when procrastinating from that mammoth project with a world map desk mat. And avoid any awkward Bridget Jones moments on geography questions.

PVC World Map Desk Mat - Euroffice


iPad Case and Privacy Filter

These security cases are awesome for banking whilst on the move or researching the perfect gift for that special someone in the other room. Be warned prying eyes won’t work here!

Leitz White Cover And Stand For iPad Air -Euroffice


Wrist rocker

Fashion and functionality combined in one. The wrist rocker is designed for comfort to move with you as you type. And it helps improve circulation. Awesome right?

Fellowes I-Spire Keyboard Wrist Rocker


Clip dispenser

Picture this. Your meeting overran, the coffee machine is down and the stapler’s out of staples. Nightmare, right? So you resort to paperclips to fasten the minutes of that never ending meeting. If only you could find your paperclip collection. Oh how you wish you had a magnetic paperclip dispenser. Well why you can have one and avoid such nightmares. Opt for the berry dispenser for add a pop of colour to your desk.

Sigel Eyestyle Magnetic Paper Clip Dispenser


All in One Desk Organisers

Are you the type who is forever losing their keys, letters and papers sprawled all over your desk and desk draws filled with pens that don’t work? Well it’s time to get organised and it’s easy to do with this all in one desk organiser. So you’ll have to find a better excuse for ‘I missed my dentist appointment because I never got the reminder letter’ knowing full well that you tossed into the ever-growing pile of letters in the corner.

Avery All In One Executive Organiser - Euroffice


Have an Awesome Day of Awesomness

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