Celebrities and Their Favourite Pens? – World Stationery Day

Celebrities and Their Favourite Pens? – World Stationery Day

For National Stationery Week and today, #WorldStationeryDay, we wondered what pens the rich and famous were using.  Does the A-list have a favourite fountain pen or coveted piece of desktop stationery?

And as we were dreaming of exchanging notes with Hollywood’s elite, we also took a look at some of the world’s most popular stationery products.  You know, the ones us ‘mere mortals’ use.

Celebrities and Their Favourite Pens?

Kevin Spacey

Famous for ‘House of Cards’  ferociously fearsome Frank Underwood, said he liked the pen he used on the show’s version of Air Force One.   I’ve done some digging and I think it might be a very fancy Cross Townsend ballpoint pen.   Thankfully you don’t need to be the president to have presidential style – why not try the terribly similar Waterman Expert III?

Kristen Stewart

Recently in Still Alice and the Clouds of Sils Maria, she reportedly received a special present from Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson: a Tibaldi Bentley Crewe fountain pen worth $46,000.  (Well, that’s the price.  Is any pen worth 46k?)   If you want to gift your girlfriend a fountain pen, there are much more sensible and funkier options out there.

Sigourney Weaver

Star of Ghostbusters, Aliens, Exodus: Gods and Kings, and Chappie, she has simple tastes.  Rather than carrying around a fancy fountain pen, she reaches for whatever is to hand, such as a Bic Biro.  (Have you seen our Biro prices?  To quote #GalaxyQuest, another Weaver film,  “By Grabthar’s Hammer, what a savings!”)

Emma Watson

Star of Harry Potter, Noah, The Bling Ring and…The Vicar of Dibley! Confessed to having a thing for stationery brand Parker.  In an interview with #MarieClaire, Watson, while rummaging in her #Mulberry Alexa bag, said she always writes with Parker fountain pens, stating they are “So good, so good.”

Stephen King

famous horror author, wrote Dreamcatcher, (later a movie starring Morgan Freeman and Damien Lewis), with a Waterman fountain pen.  Apparently King called it ‘the world’s finest writing instrument’ and, rather romantically, even had to write by candlelight after a power cut.

Sylvester Stallone

Star of Rocky, Cobra, Rambo and now the face of Warburtons with #TheDeliverers, is a big fan of Italian pen company Montegrappa. It manufactures ‘frou frou’ pens with all sorts of twirls and whirls.  He even worked with them to create an #Expendables model, featuring snakes, skulls and knives.  I like Sly, but I’ve got much simpler tastes.

World’s Most Popular Stationery

Bic Biro

The world’s best selling pen.   Almost everyone on earth will use a Bic Biro, or one of its many ballpoint imitators, at some point.   It’s got a simple, durable design and a writing action that everyone likes.   In our house they tend to cluster around the telephone, ready for note-taking.

Colourful Crayons

Are you surprised these are on the list?  Think of the millions and millions of children around the world that grow up drawing and doodling with these multicoloured marvels.

Can you imagine a family home without a little one’s creations on the fridge door (or sitting room wall)?  There’s even a resurgence in colouring books for adults – why should kids have all the fun?

Post-it notes

Every office, organisation and ordinary family has Post-its somewhere, whether in the stationery cupboard or tucked away in ‘the draw that everything gets chucked into’ (mine has napkins, scissors and balls of string).  You can also buy sticky notes shaped as speech bubbles – perfect to add some conversation to your crayon creations.

Lever arch files

They aren’t exciting, but they are popular.  If you need to store records and bank statements, or, more importantly, keep those family drawings safe, put them in a lever arch file.   You could even have one file for each year of your child’s artistic endeavours, building up a little library of memories.


Why do diaries sell so well?  Because we need a new one every year.  (And if you’ve ever tried re-using an out-of-date diary, you know that life can get very confusing.)

Diaries are also wonderful because they fulfill so many roles. If you’re running a business, you need to know what appointments and meetings you have.  For a busy household, a diary lets you keep on top of deadlines for bills and ballet recitals.  And for the budding author, they’re a superb way to get into the habit of writing daily and working through your thoughts.

Have you noticed a celebrity wielding a favourite pen?  What piece of stationery do you buy most often?  Let us know in the comments.


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