Pen a Tweet

Pen a Tweet

Happy National Stationery Week!

As you know, National handwriting day is all about ‘Getting Britain Writing’.

Computers, phones, tablets, they are all wonderful gadgets to have and they can certainly save us a lot of time when it comes to writing.

Take a letter for example. When was the last time you sat to a desk with some writing paper and a special pen to write a letter to a family member or a friend? Not many people do this anymore simply because there is no need. Emails can be sent back and forth in real time which is so much quicker than the postal service.

Holiday snaps and ‘wish you were here’ messages now come in the form of Facebook or Twitter updates instead of a postcard so you can keep all of your friends posted on your holiday activities at the click of a button, rather than a select few.

People hardly ever send invites anymore either. Unless it’s a wedding most people create an event on social media, scroll through a ready-made friends list, press a button and wait for the electronic replies to come flooding in. Handwritten guest lists and rsvp slips are a rare sight these days.

Homework, essays, assignments, all start with a blank screen and a flashing curser instead of a fresh page in a notebook. A blank screen can be daunting at times so what do we do? We distract ourselves with funny cat videos and talking dogs so it actually takes us longer to get any work done. Spell check does the thinking for us and cut and paste means we don’t have to think too much about structure because paragraphs and sentences can easily be changed. But isn’t it nicer to have to think for ourselves and take a bit more care? Some of the best writing comes from simply picking up a pen and just allowing the ideas flow freely, letting whatever comes to mind find its way onto the page, no distractions, just you and your pen.

So today we want people to remember how fun writing can be by penning a tweet.

National Stationery Week have launched #PenaTweet, so step away from the keyboard, pick up a pen and pop those 140 characters onto a post it note. Draw a picture or a doodle that represents how you’re feeling today. Got something excited planned for today? Transfer that excitement onto paper and tweet a picture of it. Whatever is on your mind, pen your tweet!



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