Office Secret Santa Tips

Office Secret Santa Tips

You’ll be the best Father (or Mother) #Christmas in the office if you follow these tips.

#SecretSanta is a great way to make colleagues feel appreciated and forge new friendships in the office.  But how do you find that inspirational gift? We’ve put together a few guidelines to keep in mind.

Play Detective

If you’re paired up with someone you don’t really know, do a little bit of research.  Get an idea of their likes and dislikes from workmates; glide past their desk once in a while to see if there are any photos or personal items on it that will give you a clue about their interests.

Be One With the Budget

You might be tempted to spend a wee bit more than the budget, even if it’s just 50p or £1.  Just remember that little bit of extra money means the Secret Santa playing field isn’t level anymore and so, as good as your intentions are, others might feel it’s a bit… cheaty.

Give Them a Something

One of the joys of #Xmas is trying to figure out what your present is before you unwrap it.  For that to happen, your offering has to be a thing, an object.  Giving someone a gift card or money-off voucher will still be appreciated, but it won’t feel as special.

It Doesn’t Have to be New

I’ve noticed that almost all Secret Santa presents are from the stocking filler and novelty sections of shops.  Why?  The goal of the gift is to be cool and thoughtful  – maybe there’s an old record your Santee would like, or a funky hat they’d love, hiding in your local charity shop.  If it’s retro, it’s got even more cachet.

You May Not Get as Good as you Give

One of the truths about Secret Santa is that you might give someone a wonderful, unique little present – and they may give you air freshener.  But that’s OK.  The number one rule about SS is that it’s about the giving, not the getting.

What are the best Secret Santa gifts you’ve given and received?  Let us know in the comments.  (You can also share stories about rubbish presents too, if you fancy.)

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