Top 6 Deskercise Tips

Top 6 Deskercise Tips

Feel a little slumped over and need to stretch out some of your day-to-day stress at work?

Try out our Top 6 Deskercise tips to boost your circulation today…


See additional information on our top tips and what benefits you will experience:

Shoulder Stretches:

By performing shoulder stretches, you can increase the flexibility of your shoulder muscles and improve your range of movement. It also helps combat stress and tension that can be formed from bad posture, aiming to improve it as well as increase blood circulation.

The Body Twist:

Using your chair as an anchor, stretch your body by twisting with slight pressure once on your left and then on your right. By doing this, you will help increase the flexibility of your spine, back and help alleviate any stiffness experienced of the neck, shoulder and upper back.

Prayer Pose:

A simple and easy stretch, the prayer pose helps align your posture to strengthen your upper body and get your blood circulation flowing to your shoulder joints. This stretch positively impacts the nerves and muscles of your thighs which is especially helpful to those who sit 9 to 5!

Pivot and point:

While your fingers are typing away, your feet become neglected unless you frequently pop up for a cuppa. Do your feet a favour and use the pivot and point method to help keep them active while you’re working away to help keep the circulation flowing.

For those happy to draw attention to themselves in the office:

Raise the Roof:

If you’re happy to have some questionable looks point your way in the namesake of good posture, then try our Raise the Roof stretch. Simple and easy, this method involves raising your arms up and down over your head while marching on the spot. This work out works the body all over and is a perfect way to quickly re-energise and re-circulate your entire body blood flow.

Jump for Joy:

Another way to get the office talking is by using the Jump for Joy stretch. In a squat meets jumping jack style, this stretch similarly to Raise the Roof, helps work your entire body over. Encourage everyone else in the office to join in for some laughs that additionally help boost moods and get your abs working.



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