Show Us Your #Deskies

Show Us Your #Deskies

The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) – they represent companies that make personalised pens and things – is asking for your deskies.

Deskies are, as you’ve probably guessed, selfies of your desk.  Take a snap of your desk, hashtag it as #deskie and there’s a chance the BPMA will share it across social media. And if you upload it to their Facebook page you could win Desk of the Year and £1,000 of desk accessories.

(They’re doing this to publicise Promotional Products Week that runs between 15 and 19 September. After all, you must have at least one promo item on your desk, right? I bet it’s a pen.)

We know one certain young lady by the name of Janine who has a passion for pens, including a very healthy collection of promotional pens proudly displayed on her blog.


We’d also like it if you’d share your #deskies, too. Just tweet @eurofficecouk with them.

We’d love to see what your workspace looks like and it’s fun to try to guess someone’s personality from the items they surround themselves with.

(I used to work with a woman who had loads of posh architecture and fashion magazines and a shoebox for expensive Wellington boots.)

To give you some inspiration, we’ve found some fascinating shots of people’s offices and desks in Vanity Fair, with desks from people including #Oprah Winfrey and Aaron #Sorkin of The West Wing and The Newsroom.

The Guardian also has a writers’ rooms series, with the offices of Will Self (lots of Post-it notes) and Raymond Briggs, he of Fungus the Bogeyman and the Snowman.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get snappin’. 🙂

Euroffice Promo Stress man


If you spend hours every day at your desk, then why not find out how to maximise your desk area.

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  1. Inksmith at 10:33 am

    I’ve never received anything so interesting. I did know someone that got a Filofax though. I mean proper, full size, leather, Filofax. This was at least fifteen years ago, so it must have been worth a lot back then.

  2. Clare at 5:20 pm

    What’s the most bizarre promo item you have received?

    I once went to a conference and came home with 2 inflatable dinosaurs, 2 packs of cards, a video business card, a singing business card and a bag of branded jelly beans…not to mention umpteen pens, pads, a couple of trees…(YES TREES) LOL..

    Was quite a loot to be honest. My favourite had to be the little ‘squidgy stress man’ that stands on my desk at the moment.

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