Limerick Day

Limerick Day

Happy Limerick day!


 At Euroffice we take stationery to heart

We’ve pens and paper and supplies for art

Printers and ink

We won’t sleep a wink

‘Till you have everything you need to make your mark


Where limericks originated from is unclear but they were made popular by Edward Lear. Limericks are typically made up of 5 lines, with the first, second and fifth line rhyming with each other, and the third and fourth line rhyming with each other. They are usually funny, childish, sometimes obscene and quite often complete and utter nonsense.

If you were to ask anyone to recite a limerick, chances are they would first look over their shoulder to check Grandma isn’t within earshot, send the kids upstairs to play and only then would they recite the limerick, followed by belly laughs all round. There is something about the rhyming format used in a limerick that can make even the daftest things sound amusing.

While crude or nonsense limericks tend to be the ones people remember and repeat, they don’t all have to be this way. Our Euroffice limerick is a perfect example if I do say so myself.

Some of the best limericks tell a mini story, with the final line revealing the punchline or a twist which is why they double up so wonderfully as jokes. Next time you have yourself a little joke telling contest with friends, listen out to see how many limericks you hear. There’s bound to be at least one!

Children are often fans of both reciting and writing their own limericks thanks to their comical nature and sing song tones.


Are you a fan of limericks or do they make you groan?

Why not grab and pen and write one of your own?

Stationery’s the theme

Keep it clean

You might win some goodies, which we’ll send to your home


What are you waiting for? Send us your best stationery themed limericks. You might just win yourself some stationery goodies for your efforts. We can’t wait to read them!

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